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  1. Export Chart To Image

    Hi all! I have some problem when I trying repeat example "Saving to server disk" from online help. I'm using ASP.Net C# and default settings. <script type="JavaScript" src="~/Scripts/FusionCharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> //Callback handler method which is invoked after the chart has saved image on server. function FC_Exported(objRtn) { if (objRtn.statusCode == "1") { alert("The chart was successfully saved on server. The file can be accessed from " + objRtn.fileName); } else { alert("The chart could not be saved on server. There was an error. Description : " + objRtn.statusMessage); } } </script> </head> <body bgcolor="#ffffff"> <div id="chartdiv" align="center">The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart.</div> <script type="text/javascript"> // Create the chart. Make sure registerWithJS is set to 1, else callback cannot happen. var myChart = new FusionCharts("~/FusionCharts/Column2D.swf", "myChartId", "400", "300", "0", "1"); myChart.setXMLUrl("~/XMLFile1.xml"); myChart.render("chartdiv"); </script> xml file: <chart yAxisName='Sales Figure' caption='Top 5 Sales Person' numberPrefix=' useRoundEdges='1' bgColor='FFFFFF,FFFFFF' showBorder='0' exportEnabled='1' exportHandler='FCExporter.aspx.cs' exportAtClient='0' exportAction='download' > <set label='Alex' value='25000' /> <set label='Mark' value='35000' /> <set label='David' value='42300' /> <set label='Graham' value='35300' /> <set label='John' value='31300' /> </chart> FCExporter.aspx.cs file as in example. But I don't see chart . Where I'm wrong. Thanks for help.
  2. Problem

    Thanks! It's work!
  3. Problem

    Hello,Angshu! First of all, thanks for reply. FusionCharts version is last, as I think - I'm download it from "Download page". XML-file: <graph caption="Distribution postal objects by type" xAxisName="types of object" yAxisName="" decimalPrecision="0" formatNumberScale="0"> <set name="1" value="0" color="AFD8F8" /> <set name="2" value="0" color="F6BD0F" /> <set name="3" value="0" color="8BBA00" /> <set name="4" value="0" color="FF8E46" /> <set name="5" value="0" color="008E8E" /> <set name="6" value="0" color="D64646" /> <set name="7" value="0" color="8E468E" /> <set name="8" value="0" color="588526" /> </graph>
  4. Problem

    Hello!My problem is that the chart displays the values ​​of "NAN", when all data are zero. Can we do something about etiu problem. Developers, many thanks. I love the simplicity and beauty of your product!
  5. Can't Display A Chart .... At All?

    Hello, Andy. Are you create xml-file with data? If you want, I can send you this example -it's work!