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  1. I have an angle guage here: My question is how can I set it to begin animating right away. It seems to just sit at zero and only changes when the real-time update (5 seconds) kicks in. Thanks...
  2. A mix of widgets and charts MyTinyStats tracks website visitors in real-time. The link above takes you to my status report which shows me the overall health of the system, including the total number of domains being tracked, the current hit rate per hour, etc. There are two real-time updating charts (the speedometer for Hits/h, and the beaker for the "queue", which shows the hits as they come in). I am absolutely in love with the fusion product, was worth every penny.
  3. Excellent! Thank you very much!
  4. Can "ClickURL" open a new browser window?

    Excellent, worked like a charm!
  5. I am trying to control the animation of the dial in the KPH angular guage. I cannot find any examples online to support this. I want the needle (dial) to start at zero and (rather quickly) work its way up to the value. The default animation does this, but I really do not like the dial itself being drawn. When I start my car, the needle is already at zero, it does not need to "grow" from the center. Thanks...