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  1. % Symbol In Suffix/prefix Label

    Hi Radis, That works perfectly, many thanks for your help. Cheers, Paul.
  2. Hi, When I populate a map (FCMap_EnglandRegion.swf) using the property: numberSuffix='%' I get the error 'Invalid XML Data' Using other symbols displays with no problem. Is there anyway of using the '%' symbol as a suffix? I've tried ASCII codes and html encoding the string prior to passing but to no avail. My XML String is as folows: {<map showLabels='1' includeNameInLabels='1' borderColor='FFFFFF' showCanvasBorder='0' fillAlpha='80' showBevel='0' legendPosition='Bottom' numberSuffix='%' ><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='10' displayValue='Absence : Below 10' color='ABF456' /><color minValue='10' maxValue='20' displayValue='Absence : 10 - 20' color='069F06' /><color minValue='20' maxValue='30' displayValue='Absence : 20 - 30' color='DDD33A' /><color minValue='30' maxValue='5000000' displayValue='Absence : Above 30' color='CC0001' /></colorRange><data><entity id='01' value='1.0' /><entity id='02' value='2.2' /><entity id='04' value='5.0' /><entity id='05' value='6.6' /><entity id='06' value='3.3' /><entity id='07' value='6.6' /><entity id='08' value='2.7' /><entity id='09' value='6.6' /></data></map>} Many thanks, Paul.
  3. Invalid Argument With Masterpage

    Hi Angshu, Awesome, thank you very much, chart's populating perfectly in non compatibility mode now Thanks again, Paul.
  4. Invalid Argument With Masterpage

    Hi, Is there any update on this? I'm experiencing the same problem with XT - 'Invalid Argument' when in IE8 non compatibility mode, but works when IE is in compatibility mode. Strangely enough I can workaround this by adding the line "Response.Write(xmlData.ToString())" just before the RenderChart command, although I have no idea why or how this should work! Cheers, Paul.