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When I populate a map (FCMap_EnglandRegion.swf) using the property: numberSuffix='%'

I get the error 'Invalid XML Data' Using other symbols displays with no problem.


Is there anyway of using the '%' symbol as a suffix? I've tried ASCII codes and html encoding the string prior to passing but to no avail.


My XML String is as folows:


{<map showLabels='1' includeNameInLabels='1' borderColor='FFFFFF' showCanvasBorder='0' fillAlpha='80' showBevel='0' legendPosition='Bottom' numberSuffix='%' ><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='10' displayValue='Absence : Below 10' color='ABF456' /><color minValue='10' maxValue='20' displayValue='Absence : 10 - 20' color='069F06' /><color minValue='20' maxValue='30' displayValue='Absence : 20 - 30' color='DDD33A' /><color minValue='30' maxValue='5000000' displayValue='Absence : Above 30' color='CC0001' /></colorRange><data><entity id='01' value='1.0' /><entity id='02' value='2.2' /><entity id='04' value='5.0' /><entity id='05' value='6.6' /><entity id='06' value='3.3' /><entity id='07' value='6.6' /><entity id='08' value='2.7' /><entity id='09' value='6.6' /></data></map>}


Many thanks,




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