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  1. FusionCharts v3.2.1 with Javascript

    Thank you Soumya for the reply! We have perpetual license for v3.2.1 (enterprise ). Not sure if I will be able to download the latest version. Do I need to buy a new license? Currently, we aren't permitted to buy a new license. Can the version that we have , v3.2.1, work with JavaScript i.e. with out Flash? Also, does the ASP.NET wrapper work with v3.2.1? Thank you!
  2. FusionCharts v3.2.1 with Javascript

    I was able to make some progress, without changing much when I disabled Flash on Chrome and I had partial success. The Pie2D map came up fine but Column2D chart came up only came up partially on my website. It shows x and y axis, the labels and horizontal lines but no columns(bars) even though the data has positive values. I am attaching the screenshot (ChartCapture.PNG). I created a chart on local html file to see if the same issue exists, but it works fine there. So, something in my website causing the issue. Unfortunately, the site is not a public site that I can share with you, but I used a compare tool to compare the SVG generated in my website and the local html file and I see difference in y and height values in highchart-series. I added an attachment to show the differences in the generated SVG (you can see the different in red text). Why is y is same and the heights are all 0 in my website? I am using the exact same data with exact same width and height of the charts. What could cause the differences in heights even though the values are same? Can anyone please help to identify what is going on? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I have a old website on ASP.NET. We use FusionCharts v3.2.1-release, we won't be able to upgrade it in the near future. Currently, my website uses Flash to load the charts. Since Flash is reaching end of life in December 2020, I am checking if the charts can work without flash. If so, can you please give me a guidance on how to load the chart. Here is what my website does to load the chart: var chart = new FusionCharts('Column2D.swf', 'fusionChart_Chart', width, height, '0', '0'); chart.setXMLData(...); // XML data goes here chart.render('fusionChart_Div'); Thanks, Chandana
  4. Tooltip At Chart Level

    Hi, I am using v3.2.1. Is there a way to set Tooltip at Chart Level (I know how to set at the Set level)? Also, I have rather large text for sub-caption. Is there a way I can show only first few words of the text but expand the text on mouse over or even show it as tooltip on mouse over? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ana
  5. Setchartattribute Not Updating The Chart

    Thank you Swarnam! Yes, I was testing it locally and the setting up Global Secruity settings did work. Also, I want to change sub-caption font size. I found on this site how to change it by using style tag in XML chart data but how can I acheive the samething using javascript? Thanks, Ana
  6. Hi, I am trying to set caption for chart using setChartAttribute javascript method but chart caption is not changing. My code is as follows (this is based on the sample I got from this site): <html> <head> <title>Update Chart data</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="FusionCharts.js"> </script> </head> <body> <center> <div id="chartContainer">Chart will load here!</div> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var myChart = new FusionCharts( 'Column2D.swf', 'MyChart', '300', '240', '0', '1' ); myChart.setXMLData("<chart caption='Issues' showValues='0' yAxisName='Issues' xAxisName='Month' > <set label='Dec 2011' value='3' /><set label='Jan 2012' value='18' /><set label='Feb 2012' value='21' /><set label='Mar 2012' value='19' /><set label='Apr 2012' value='55' /><set label='May 2012' value='23' /></chart>"); myChart.render("chartContainer"); function changeAttribute() { // get chart reference var chartReference = FusionCharts( 'MyChart' ); chartReference.setChartAttribute({"caption" : "Issues opened"}); } // --> </script> <input type="button" onClick="changeAttribute();" value="Change Caption" > </center> </body> </html> When I click on 'Change Caption' button chart is not being updated with new caption. I added alerts after the call setChartAttribute, it gives the new caption but chart is not updated. I tried adding render after it and it still not picking up the new caption. Could anyone please help me? btw, I am using v3.2.1. Thank you, Ana