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  1. Thanks Sumedh, I was able to resolve it by replacing %26apos; with ' Finally i came out of drill down charts and started working on linkedcharts which is more suitable for my requirement. However the .net wrapper fusioncharts.dll doesn't implement setconfiguration for linkedcharts it seems. for example using the dll i cannot set config for overlay message, specify chart type for child charts etc.. Kindly check. Thanks,
  2. Dear All, I'm trying to implement drill down charts feature using modal popup extender. I have followed the example as provided in the following link: It works perfectly fine as long as it is with out master page. Tried to use the same sample with Master page. The javascript:callserver function doesn't trigger at all with fusion charts. Any help appreciated.. Thanks regards, Kishore
  3. AJAX ModalPopupExtender & IE6

    I'm unable to make it work for master page scenario. The following event is not firing in master/content page scenario. javascript:CallServer(%26apos;Fact1%26apos;,%26apos;%26apos;); Same coding setup works if it is without master page setup.