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  1. Got it rectified. Hide show of a div was causing the issue. Thanks anyway.
  2. this issue is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. uuuummmmm scaling down. It's going to take time. What I have done is bind the angular gauge in a datalist <asp:DataList RepeatColumns="4" ItemStyle-CssClass="itemGauge" EditItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" Width="100%" runat="server" ID="speedoList" CellPadding="2" CellSpacing="2"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:Literal ID="AngularGauge" runat="server"></asp:Literal> </ItemTemplate> </asp:DataList> And the said structure is embedded inside an update panel. That's all I can say for now.
  4. Hi Team, The angular gauge is acting little bit strange and I could not figure out why is it happening. On first page load it seems ok(only issue value overload which manageValueOverlapping='1' didn't help). But on reloading the ajax enabled portion the position of the tick value get corrupt. Please have a look into attachment for better understanding. My aspx page use Ajax which I feel is the only reason for the behavior. Also below here is my xml. <chart manageresize='1' bgcolor='FFFFFF' upperlimit='' lowerlimit='0' basefontcolor='fff' majorTMNumber='12' minorTMNumber='3' adjustTM='1' numberSuffix='%' tickValueDistance='2' manageValueOverlapping='1' autoAlignTickValues='1' showValue='1' majortmcolor='FFFFFF' minortmcolor='FFFFFF' minortmheight='3' tooltipbordercolor='FFFFFF' tooltipbgcolor='333333' gaugeouterradius='85' gaugestartangle='225' gaugeendangle='-45' placevaluesinside='1' gaugeinnerradius='90%' annrenderdelay='0' gaugefillmix='' placeTicksInside='1' pivotradius='10' showpivotborder='0' pivotfillmix='{CCCCCC},{333333}' pivotfillratio='50,50' showshadow='0' gaugeoriginx='120' gaugeoriginy='120' showborder='0'><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='21.59' code='8BBA00'/><color minValue='21.59' maxValue='23.75' code='F6BD0F'/><color minValue='23.75' maxValue='42.75' code='FF654F'/></colorRange><dials><dial value='21.59' rearExtension='10'/></dials><annotations><annotationgroup x='120' y='120' showbelow='1'><annotation type='circle' x='0' y='0' radius='115' fillcolor='CCCCCC,111111' fillpattern='linear' fillalpha='100,100' fillratio='50,50' fillangle='-45' /><annotation type='circle' x='0' y='0' radius='100' fillcolor='111111,cccccc' fillpattern='linear' fillalpha='100,100' fillratio='50,50' fillangle='-45' /><annotation type='circle' x='0' y='0' radius='90' color='666666' /></annotationgroup></annotations></chart> liAngularGauge.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/AngularGauge.swf", "", vXML.ToString(), ChartId, "750", "680", false, true); Guys I need help.
  5. Hi Team, Please help us out. The issue arises while I tried to introduce 'trendlines'. The attached image normal.gif is the image with 'trendlines'. var trendlines = new XElement("trendlines", new XElement("line", new XAttribute("startvalue", this.Campaign.GetKpiTarget(kpi)), new XAttribute("displayValue", "Target"), new XAttribute("thickness", "3"), new XAttribute("color", "85E61A"), new XAttribute("valueOnRight", 1), new XAttribute("toolText", "Target"))); As since the trendline value is far beyond the graph y-axis, it isn't shown here. As a result I tried to introduce max value of x-axis. chart.Add(new XAttribute("yAxisMaxValue", 1000)); In this case the graph is as attached as yaxizmax.gif The image itself is self explanatory. Waiting for the reply in anticipation. Regards Shyam