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  1. 3D Pie With Slice Value

    Good day FusionChart lovers i have 3D pie chart, but how i can make display value in slice pie? now all value displayed outside with pieces of chart
  2. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    but why line border can not see? possible control separately lineThickness for chart and lineThickness for border? just chart looking back without border(((
  3. Position Line Chart

    Good day ! possible chart's position on X or Y? because i need on Y move one chart in few pixels, or zero position scale move in down (somehow )
  4. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    Any ideas? because i not have idea
  5. Files To Large For Charts

    can show XML and SWF?
  6. Files To Large For Charts

    as an option if you have the source code (fla and com folder with classes), split into 2 parts XML and load consistently or make 2 diffirent chart
  7. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    yes, look please and SWF file what i need Data.xml
  8. Data Label Display Inside Column?

    I like that fusionchart, can build whatever you like, respect FusionChart and Team
  9. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    Yes, thanks, good, and again prblem with chart, look images please, why i see chart how polyhedron? how i can remove line (red cross) Thanks
  10. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    Thanks a lot, but i have any question, i need output display data how and left side look screenshot please in attache, possible? i want just duplicate left and right data is same
  11. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    yes, its working, thanks, but color - white, can i change color anchor and size anchor?
  12. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    for 2D Dual Y Combination Chart how i can add display anchor for Area chart? if in xml renderAs = "Line", then we can see anchor, but i need show anchor also for xml param renderAs = "Area", let me know, how i can?
  13. I have 2 or 5 line in chart (with positive and negative values), i need set rendering all chats with 0 point, possible?