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  1. Hi, when will be available the new release? Is there a release date or a Beta ? Thanks Claudio
  2. Hi All, I need to put values and legend inside the Doughnut Chart. Is it possible to do that wit FusionCharts? Please find attached a picture of what I mean.
  3. Arg: Illegal input string in Vector2D

    Hi It's like to remove adaptiveY and calculate every time the minimum value. This is a workaround. Our data is dynamic and so 300 isn't always right. Isn't there any patch for this issue? Thanks and Regards
  4. Arg: Illegal input string in Vector2D

    Hi All, with some dataset and with the property "setAdaptiveYMin=1" in IE8 is rised the exception illegal input string in Vector2D if setAdaptiveYMin is set to 0 everything works fine. Is there any fix on this issue? Please find attached an example htat shows the issue. My version is fusioncharts/3.3.1-sr3.21100
  5. Marker on stacked chart

    Is it available in other packages?
  6. Marker on stacked chart

    is it in a future rodaMap? If yes, when will be it delivered? Thanks a lot Claudio
  7. Marker on stacked chart

    Hi All, I have FusionChart XT, I need to draw some marker on a stacked bar chart but I don't find any way to do that. Have you any suggestion? How can I develop this? Please fine in attach an example of what I need to do. Thank you very much. Claudio
  8. JS Zoomline chart - vertical line

    Hi everybody, we are also interested in the functionality of vTrendLines in ZoomLineChart using javascript rendering. Is there any roadmap or any workaround? We couldn't use flash chart rendering beacuse is not supported by mobile device. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much. Claudio Casoli
  9. Datapoints Do Not Render On Jquery 1.8.0

    Thank you very much! I will write to the support. Regards, Claudio Casoli
  10. Datapoints Do Not Render On Jquery 1.8.0

    Hi, Is there roadmap for the delivery of release compatible with jquery 1.8? Thanks for your support.