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  1. Ie 10 Problem

    Please using following code: <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" > <head> <title>Untitled Page</title> </head> <body> <span >sssssssaaaaaa</span> <iframe style="float: right; position:absolute; height:700px; width:1500px" src ="./Gallery/StackedArea2D/StArea2D2.html"> </iframe> </body> </html> Using IE 10 With JavaScript render please, You will not get any tooltip. But If I open this directly, tooltip will be displayed.
  2. Ie 10 Problem

    Can you duplicate it? Thanks.
  3. Ie 10 Problem

    Hi, Any feedback? Thanks.
  4. Ie 10 Problem

    Please see my new attachment. ie 10.png. it doesn't matter of iframe size, it matters when left panel size. when left panel hidden, the tooltip has no problem. This problem only happens on IE10 with JavaScript render. I am using pre-release ie 10 (KB2718695) at windows 7 Here is xml debug information: Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 1156 Initial Height: 262 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Chart Type: Stacked 2D Area Chart Version: 3.2.2(XT) Chart Objects: BACKGROUND CANVAS CAPTION SUBCAPTION YAXISNAME XAXISNAME DIVLINES VDIVLINES YAXISVALUES HGRID VGRID DATALABELS DATAVALUES TRENDLINES TRENDVALUES DATAPLOT ANCHORS TOOLTIP VLINES LEGEND VLINELABELS INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is energy_chart_energy_widget_5 INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: <chart caption="Consumption for 2012" xaxisname="Month" yaxisname="Consumption" showvalues="0" palettecolors="115FA6,A61120,94AE0A,FF8809,A61187,24AD9A,FFD13E,7C7474,12DB1A,C0C0C0,00FFFF,FFFF00,FF0000,6666CC,999933,339966" bgcolor="FFFFFF" basefont="Tahoma" basefontcolor="000000" basefontsize="11" canvasbasecolor="AAAAAA" divlinecolor="AAAAAA" showcanvasbg="0" showcanvasbase="1" showborder="0" plotgradientcolor=""><styles><definition><style name="myLegendFont" type="font" size="12" /></definition><application><apply toobject="Legend" styles="myLegendFont" /></application></styles><categories><category label="Jun" /><category label="Jul" /><category label="Aug" /><category label="Sep" /><category label="Oct" /><category label="Nov" /><category label="Dec" /></categories><dataset seriesname="ASDFQWE" alpha="100"><set value="5389" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-06" /><set value="20885" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-07" /><set value="20904" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-08" /><set value="20236" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-09" /><set value="20910" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-10" /><set value="20278" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-11" /><set value="1346.66" link="j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-12" /></dataset></chart>
  5. Ie 10 Problem

    data Json: [ { "seriesname":"Electric 1", "data":[ { "value":"0.76", "link":"j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-12-01" }, { "value":"0.76", "link":"j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-12-02" }, { "value":"0.25", "link":"j-ConsumptionBarClick-2012-12-03" } ], "alpha":100 } ]
  6. Ie 10 Problem

    If I close my left panel or resize it to small enough, this problem will go away, when I resize left panel to very big, the tool-tip and mouse distance will increase.
  7. Ie 10 Problem

    Hi, I had one problem with IE10, Iframe and fusionchart. As you can see, I place fusion area chart at iframe and IE10 as browser. the dark cross is mouse position. but the tool-tip display at 6. and when I click 15(drill down), day 6 will be displayed. This problem only happen on IE10(IE 9 is ok) and bar chart is ok.
  8. Custom Legend

    It would be nice if user could switch legend icon to custom graphic. Thanks anyway. Leo
  9. Custom Legend

    Thanks again.
  10. Custom Legend

    Sorry about confusing. I attached a screen shot with this reply, As you can see, the TestArea#1 bar can be different color which is depends on the value. it can be red, yellow or green. its legend shows yellow only. is there a way, I can define legend's bar colors. Thanks. Leo
  11. Custom Legend

    Hi, Sumedh: I need a Stacked Area chart's legend that three bar chart has three different colors. Any suggestion? Leo
  12. Custom Legend

    Any updates for custom legend? Can I set multiple colors instead just one color?
  13. I know drill down for the bar-charts, the whole bar is clickable, but for area charts, only the edge of chart is clickable. Is there way to make the whole graphic is clickable? For mobile device, it is impossible to click the edge of the graphic. Thanks.