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  1. Duplicate data rendering

    Issue resolved. Had a co-worker review my code and he found the mistake.
  2. I have a few charts that are displaying the data and legend twice. When I step through the code the data returned from the database is not duplicated. I have the same charts work just fine in a older version (vs 2008). I ran into this issue when I ported the charts over to vs 2010. Has anyone ran into this issue previously? If so, how did you resolve the issue? Thanks in advance, D. Reid
  3. Change colors in Cloumn graph

    Assign values to the color and lineThickness attributes in the dataset tag. example: "" Hope this helps, D.Reid
  4. I am trying to show the chart caption when data does not exist. I have resorted to using separate labels instead of assigning values to the caption and sub caption attributes. Currently, when a chart is rendered with no data the message "No data exists" is rendered and the caption and sub caption disappear. Has anyone ran into this issue? If so, where you able to resolve it? Thanks, D. Reid HealthString, LLC