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  1. Chart Will Not Render.

    It was able to render using Flash, however while rendering i consistently get the notification that the script is causing Flash to run slowly, i believe i clicked the notification about 20x before the chart actually displayed.. My next question is What is the best salable source to import data from? (it seems that importing large amounts of data from a csv file may not be the best option..) Would it make a difference if i pasted the data from a csv file vs linking to one thats hosted on the portal site? I guess im kinda looking for a best practice scenario regarding data in general my csv file is only 2.8MB
  2. Created an page for the chart added the Collaboration chart to the center zone (this will be the only web part used on the page Launched the wizard Imported data from a csv file thats hosted in the document library completed the Wizard then clicked finished Set Rendering for Java script Click finished. Then the page just states rendering data... My IE Page just freezes, My Chrome page just crashes, Firefox keeps prompting me about a rogue script..... Has anyone had this issue? How can i fix it? My Goal I have a bunch of csv files that i want to turn into web displayable charts and or reports these reports are generated from powershell scripts, Im running on Sharepoint EE 2010 Latest sp