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Found 4 results

  1. Is it possible to run an SQL query on an Excel or a csv file (that has, say, 30 columns) and generate a chart dynamically? Basically, I am looking at one chart with a drop-down of options each running an SQL query on the csv file and generating the chart. Thank you!
  2. When trying to export chart data as CSV, using the getCSVData() method, I have set exportDataFormattedVal:1 so that my output maintains the formatting shown on the chart. This issue is that the output format for data in the secondary axis is formatted using the settings for data linked to the primary axis. For example, the following data has:- primary axis:(decimal:2, numberSuffix:" AUD"), secondary axis:(sdecimals:0, sNumberSuffix:"") The data is formatted like this: CSV Data (as output by FC): "Hour","Client Cost","Call Centre" "07:00","0.00 AUD","11.00 AUD" "08:00","5,446.53 AUD","56.00 AUD" "09:00","20,971.23 AUD","248.00 AUD" "10:00","21,461.76 AUD","281.00 AUD" It should be formatted like this: CSV Data (as it should be formatted / how it is formatted in the chart): "Hour","Client Cost","Call Centre" "07:00","0.00 AUD","11" "08:00","5,446.53 AUD","56" "09:00","20,971.23 AUD","248" "10:00","21,461.76 AUD","281" I am using v3.10.1.
  3. Exporting data

    It seems when XT 3.4.0 was launched, the method to export raw data disappeared. Did I miss something? I see how we can export charts as images / PDF / etc, but no way to export the data as CSV so people can use it in Excel or other applications. Thank you - the new Javascript charts look great!
  4. Created an page for the chart added the Collaboration chart to the center zone (this will be the only web part used on the page Launched the wizard Imported data from a csv file thats hosted in the document library completed the Wizard then clicked finished Set Rendering for Java script Click finished. Then the page just states rendering data... My IE Page just freezes, My Chrome page just crashes, Firefox keeps prompting me about a rogue script..... Has anyone had this issue? How can i fix it? My Goal I have a bunch of csv files that i want to turn into web displayable charts and or reports these reports are generated from powershell scripts, Im running on Sharepoint EE 2010 Latest sp