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  1. Check out my latest project with Ontario Ministry of Tourism Research ... We even pay for a custom ontario tourism region map. http://www.mtr-geotravelstats.com/OriginDestinationStudy.aspx FusionChart and Map are great .....
  2. Ontario Tourism Research

    check out my latest project for Ontario Tourism Research ... this new version use popup menu to select options for each region on the map. http://www.mtr-geotravelstats.com/OriginDestinationStudy.aspx
  3. Hi does the fusion map support sizing in %? So that the map will enlarge with browser zoom in the page. Any sample code? thanks Ivan
  4. Ontario Tourism Research

    This is a project I recently completed for Ministry of Tourism Ontario. http://www.mtr-geotravelstats.com The application gathers and displays statistics information to user based on demographic information. It's a .net application integrated with FusionMap and FusionChart. It used ASP.AJAX to for partial page rendering as well. FusionMap and FusionChart are really great tools.....
  5. FC_Event

    Does anyone get the FC_Event working on their apps?
  6. US Electoral Demo demo

    does anyone know why the roll over/out event is not working on the US Elections download? Need Help. thanks
  7. Hi I downloaded the US Electoral Demo from the website. But it seems the roll over/out events are not working. Is it because of the trial version? thanks Ivan