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  1. Hi Jitesh, I had the same problem, I tried using setRenderer('javascript'). No joy on pc or ipad. I thought about explicity calling the files, but instead I solved this by putting {renderer:'javascript'} behind the two end flags of the mychart = new Fusioncharts line. ie in php: var mychart = new Fusioncharts('/Fusioncharts/Fusioncharts_XT_Developer/Charts/Zoomline.swf','Idoverview1','500','450','1','1',{renderer:'javascript'}); For some reason this kicked my files into action. Mark
  2. White box from hell below tooltip [Closed]

    Thanks gain, it does indeed, it worked a treat.
  3. Hi all! Any idea what this white box circled in this image is and how you format it (bg color etc)???? Only tried everything... Cheers, mark
  4. Multitude of inexplicable rendering problems with zoomline

    Fantastic thanks for the image, in fact the button stays quite grey, no matter how you color it, didn't realise. Red plane line came back with v div lines two days later... go figure. Thanks again for the response, really appreciate it as I am doing so many of your graphs at the moment!!! ;-) Cheers Mark
  5. Button color for zoomline

    By the way, toolbarButtonColor changes the border of the button...
  6. Button color for zoomline

    Is there a toolbarButtonAlpha setting in the options? Is it one of the graph alpha settings being inherited?
  7. Button color for zoomline

    toolbarButtonColor='34495e' does not work when inserted into the <chart> element of the graph, no. Any other ideas? My best, Mark
  8. Hi guys, I have the following attributes in my chart's xml and many of them do not render for some reason: <chart dynamicAxis='1' toolbar='c0392b' toolbarButtonFontColor='FFFFFF' mouseCursorColor='c0392b' zeroPlaneColor='E51400' numDivLines='6' showAlternateHGridColor='0' numVDivLines= '10' showAlternateVGridColor='0' showVDivLines='1' showtooltip='1' showToolTipShadow='0' toolTipBorderColor='FFFFFF' toolTipBorderColor='FFFFFF' connectnulldata='1' compactdatamode='1' showLabels='1' baseFontColor ='FFFFFF' showBorder='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' bgAlpha='0' showYAxisValues='1' showXAxisValues='1' pixelsperpoint='15' drawToolbarButtons='1' dataseparator='|' drawAnchors='0' scrollColor='595959' scrollPadding='0' scrollBtnPadding='0' scrollChannelBorderColor='595959' scrollBtnArrowColor='595959' legendBgColor='FFFFFF' legendBgAlpha='0' legendBorderColor='FFFFFF' legendBorderThickness='0' legendShadow='0' legendAllowDrag='1' legendBorderAlpha='0' legendposition='BOTTOM' legendPadding='10' canvasBorderColor='34495e' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBgColor='FFFFFF' canvasbgAlpha='0' showCanvasBorder='1' chartTopMargin='10' canvasPadding='2' zoomPaneBgColor='FFFFFF' zoomPaneBgAlpha='10' > showVDivLines='1' ---> no vertical div lines canvasPadding='2' --->canvas padding is enormous toolbar='c0392b' ---> no change of color for the buttons zeroPlaneColor='E51400' ----> did turn red, then disappeared Any thoughts? Getting a bit frustrated :-) Cheers, Mark
  9. Button color for zoomline

    Hi! As per webpage: To change toolbar button colors you use toolbar='FFFFFF' for instance. This is doing nothing for me, toolbar button still grey... Thanks, Mark
  10. Transparent Loading

    Hi, Thanks for the reply.. I worked it out actually thanks to a bit more digging in forums... myChart.setTransparent(true); just before the mychart.render('......'); Cheers! Mark
  11. Transparent Loading

    Hi all, Simple one no doubt for the pros: I render my charts on a grey div background. Whilst they are loading, there are huge white gaps on the grey background. I like the data loading bar, just not the big white gaps... any way of making the canvas/ bg transparent from the very beginning? To be specific: I am rendering the graphs (guages, sparks, zoomline, maps) from data in a xml files individually generated by code in a php page, contained in a wordpress site, having tried all the forums and google, I have a glass of wine in my hand and I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I also am not a big fan of fresh tomatoes, though mixed with some burrata and greek basil, I can be persuaded. MASSIVE fan of indian food. I could go on, though it's getting less and less relevant. Cheers! Mark
  12. Thanks Sumedh, That answers my question thanks! Assigning values to categories on the fly like I would a variable doesn't work, you're right...I changed my stored procedure so that it outputs the same amount of data points, in the same order... job done! Thanks for your help. Mark
  13. Hi, I have set category labels as below. I have two data sets for the multi-series bar chart. The first dataset has all data points, in the right order. The second dataset ('BENCHMARK FUEL MIX') does not have a value for "NUCLEAR" and the data is generated in a different order in sql, so comes out in a different order when constructing the xml. The second dataset : set name='HYDRO' does not pass the value to the 'Hydro' category. Because it is the first in the dataset list, its value is passed to the first category in the category list, Nuclear. How do I get fusioncharts to recognise that I am passing a value for hydro, that needs to show in in the hydro category? <chart caption='YOUR PORFOLIO AND BENCHMARK' xAxisName='FUEL' yAxisName='Persentage' showValues='0' numberSuffix='%' chartOrder='line,area,column' > <categories> <category label='NUCLEAR'/> <category label='COAL'/> <category label='HYDRO'/> </categories> <dataset seriesName='USER FUEL MIX'> <set name='NUCLEAR' value='0.51314510033995527343252'/> <set name='COAL' value='0.16717460403856217640270'/> <set name='HYDRO' value='0.15279657767844008918241'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='BENCHMARK FUEL MIX'> <set name='HYDRO' value='0.00001690385748955934983'/> <set name='COAL' value='0.98261366271075040777074'/> </dataset> </chart> Many thanks, Mark