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Found 2 results

  1. Angular chart transparency

    Hi, I'm using the angular plugin, how do I get my chart to be transparent? This is my json: { "caption": 'chart', 'bgAlpha': '0', 'legendBgAlpha': '0', 'canvasbgAlpha': '0', 'legendBorderAlpha': '0', 'palettecolors': '#5bc0de,#1aaf5d,#f2c500', 'useplotgradientcolor': '0', 'showcanvasborder': '0', 'showColumnShadow': '0', 'showBorder':'0', 'plotborderalpha': '10', 'containerBackgroundOpacity': '0' } I still see a white background and canvas Thanks
  2. Transparent Loading

    Hi all, Simple one no doubt for the pros: I render my charts on a grey div background. Whilst they are loading, there are huge white gaps on the grey background. I like the data loading bar, just not the big white gaps... any way of making the canvas/ bg transparent from the very beginning? To be specific: I am rendering the graphs (guages, sparks, zoomline, maps) from data in a xml files individually generated by code in a php page, contained in a wordpress site, having tried all the forums and google, I have a glass of wine in my hand and I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I also am not a big fan of fresh tomatoes, though mixed with some burrata and greek basil, I can be persuaded. MASSIVE fan of indian food. I could go on, though it's getting less and less relevant. Cheers! Mark