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Found 11 results

  1. Fusion charts Excel Export

    Hello, I am getting this below error in the latest update. And also I am not able to see the excel export option on the rendered chart. All other option png, jpg and svg available. Earlier was able to see, after upgrading to latest fusioncharts getting the below error with no excel export option being displayed in the chart. zone.js:682 Unhandled Promise rejection: Loading chunk 13 failed. (error: http://localhost:4200/fusioncharts.excelexport.js) ; Zone: <root> ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: Error: Loading chunk 13 failed. (error: http://localhost:4200/fusioncharts.excelexport.js) at HTMLScriptElement.i (fusioncharts.js:13) at HTMLScriptElement.wrapFn (zone.js:1332) at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone.js:423) at Zone.runTask (zone.js:195) at ZoneTask.invokeTask [as invoke] (zone.js:498) at invokeTask (zone.js:1744) at HTMLScriptElement.globalZoneAwareCallback (zone.js:1770) Error: Loading chunk 13 failed. (error: http://localhost:4200/fusioncharts.excelexport.js) at HTMLScriptElement.i (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/fusioncharts/fusioncharts.js:13:2212) at HTMLScriptElement.wrapFn (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:1332:39) at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:423:31) at Zone.runTask (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:195:47) at ZoneTask.invokeTask [as invoke] (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:498:34) at invokeTask (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:1744:14) at HTMLScriptElement.globalZoneAwareCallback (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:1770:17) Any suggestion, highly appreciated
  2. Crash on ticks

    When a scrollline2d, there is a case where _allTicks is undefined ticks = axisConfig._allTicks, len = ticks.length; And crash totally FusionCharts : zone.js:199 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at CategoryAxis._parseCategoryPlotLine (fusioncharts.js:80291) at CategoryAxis._parseReferenceVisuals (fusioncharts.js:81690) at CategoryAxis._parseReferenceVisuals (fusioncharts.js:86654) at CategoryAxis.setVisibleConfig (fusioncharts.js:81559) at ScrollLine2D._setAxisScale2 (fusioncharts.charts.js:9514) at ScrollLine2D._setAxisScale (fusioncharts.charts.js:9636) at ScrollLine2D._spaceManager (fusioncharts.js:73503) at ScrollLine2D._manageSpace (fusioncharts.js:75024) at ScrollLine2D.manageSpace (fusioncharts.js:75402) at ScrollLine2D.updateVisual (fusioncharts.js:15894) at Object.ComponentBase.component.__drawJob [as job] (fusioncharts.js:15477) at executeJob (fusioncharts.js:14619) at ZoneDelegate.ac_polyfills../node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js.ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone.js:423) at Zone.ac_polyfills../node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js.Zone.runTask (zone.js:195) at ac_polyfills../node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js.ZoneTask.invokeTask (zone.js:498) at ZoneTask.invoke (zone.js:487) at timer (zone.js:2281)
  3. Hi, Can we display dates data in bar and column charts. I tried but it always shows in thousands. 2013 will be shown as 2k. Is there way to achieve this? Appreciate the response. Regards, rAvi
  4. Hi, I have license key. How to apply license key to a trial license angular project? I have used license pack/js/*.js to override all of the same name js file in angular project's node_module/fusioncharts/. But this is not working.
  5. I am trying below code for exporting chart data in excel having chart+data in trial version of FusionChart. but acing below error Error TS2307: Cannot find module 'path'. Code I am using is below. I have tried all combination which you can see in commented tags below. import * as path from 'path'; // const path = require('path'); // Require FusionExport // const { ExportManager, ExportConfig } = require('../'); // Instantiate ExportManager const exportManager = new ExportManager(); // Instantiate ExportConfig and add the required configurations const exportConfig = new ExportConfig(); // __dirname = path.resolve(path.dirname('')); // __dirname = path.resolve(); exportConfig.set('chartConfig', path.join( path.resolve(), 'resources')); // provide the export config exportManager.export(exportConfig, '.', true).then((exportedFiles) => { exportedFiles.forEach(file => console.log(file)); }).catch((err) => { console.log(err); });
  6. I'm new to FusionCharts and am currently evaluating it for use in a Angular 5.x project. Chrome and Edge browsers are working as expected but I receive a SCRIPT1006: Syntax Error with IE11. I followed the instructions provided in the Dev Center portion of the website Is there some additional steps required for older browser support? Thanks! FusionChart versions being used: fusioncharts: 3.13.1 angular-fusioncharts: 2.0.0
  7. I'm developing an Angular 2 application and using webpack to bundle my application together. One of my components imports the fusioncharts library stored in /lib/fusioncharts directory in the root of my project. Note: I dont have the fusioncharts module in node_modules. I was able to configure my aliases, provide plugin correctly (the bundle increased in size, and I was able to verify, through the network tab that fusion charts existed): import statement: import FusionCharts from 'fusioncharts' alias statement: 'fusioncharts' : '/lib/fusioncharts/fusioncharts.js' provide plugin: new webpack.ProvidePlugin({ $: 'jquery', jQuery: 'jquery', 'window.jQuery': 'jquery', 'window.PR': 'prettify', FusionCharts: 'fusioncharts', 'fusionthemes':'fusionthemes' }) This lead to my bundle increasing in size, and in the network tab, I was able to locate my fusioncharts code. Webpack didnt throw any errors during the build, but when I launched my application, I received this in my browser console:
  8. Hi all I've been taking a look at one of the sample Fusion Charts with Angular here - The example is easy to follow, with a dynamic change in the charts once you activate the function to change some of the data in the $scope. I've implemented something similar, and whilst I can see that the $scope value is being updated (via printing the value before and after the click event), the charts itself does not redraw and the previous $scope value remains. Is this something people have encountered problems with before? See images for an example. I can post the code if useful, however the fact the $scope can be seen as getting updated, suggests some other issues perhaps? Cheers Tom
  9. I am reading temperature and humidity from an API and displaying the temperature using Thermometer widget. But it is not rendering right (image attached). Appreciate any help. HTML and Script files attached. Using "version": "3.1.0" index.html script.txt
  10. Angular Plugin and ie8

    Hi, I am trying to get the Angular plugin to work for ie8. I am using Angular 1.2.28. Any advice? Thanks!
  11. Angular chart transparency

    Hi, I'm using the angular plugin, how do I get my chart to be transparent? This is my json: { "caption": 'chart', 'bgAlpha': '0', 'legendBgAlpha': '0', 'canvasbgAlpha': '0', 'legendBorderAlpha': '0', 'palettecolors': '#5bc0de,#1aaf5d,#f2c500', 'useplotgradientcolor': '0', 'showcanvasborder': '0', 'showColumnShadow': '0', 'showBorder':'0', 'plotborderalpha': '10', 'containerBackgroundOpacity': '0' } I still see a white background and canvas Thanks