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  1. Updating charts with $scope changes in Angular

    Thanks for the reply! I check through your code, which looked similar to what I was doing, but I eventually realised the issue was using multiple controllers and not having them assigned to the correct divs. Once I moved the controller up to the container div it worked properly! Cheers Tom
  2. Hi all I've been taking a look at one of the sample Fusion Charts with Angular here - http://www.fusioncharts.com/angularjs-charts/#/demos/ex8 The example is easy to follow, with a dynamic change in the charts once you activate the function to change some of the data in the $scope. I've implemented something similar, and whilst I can see that the $scope value is being updated (via printing the value before and after the click event), the charts itself does not redraw and the previous $scope value remains. Is this something people have encountered problems with before? See images for an example. I can post the code if useful, however the fact the $scope can be seen as getting updated, suggests some other issues perhaps? Cheers Tom