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  1. Manually re-render chart in Angular

    I was using the wrong 'type' of chart for the data provided.
  2. Manually re-render chart in Angular

    I am trying to cause the chart to re-render when new data is received. 1. I gave the fusioncharts element in the template a id of "#fc". <fusioncharts [width]="width" [height]="height" [type]="type" [dataSource]="dataSource" #fc > 2. I used the @ViewChild() to obtain a reference to the element @ViewChild('fc', { static: false }) fc: any; 3. Then I called the render() method on the reference. this.fc.render(); 4. Although the compiler recognized that a render() method exists on the reference. At runtime, a failure occurred stating that there is no render() method. ERROR TypeError: this.fc.render is not a function