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    <Chart manageLabelOverflow="1" animation="0" defaultAnimation="0" manageresize="1" lowerlimit="0" upperlimit="0.4" showborder="1" charttopmargin="5" chartbottommargin="50" gaugeinnerradius="50%" gaugeoriginy="120" trendvaluedistance="5" tickvaluedistance="3" managevalueoverlapping="1" autoaligntickvalues="1" showTickValues="1"> <colorrange> <color code="8BBA00" minvalue="0" maxvalue="0.2" /> <color code="F6BD0F" minvalue="0.2" maxvalue="0.3" /> <color code="FF654F" minvalue="0.3" maxvalue="0.4" /> </colorrange><dials><dial value="0" rearextension="" basewidth="" /> </dials><trendpoints><point startValue="0.1" displayValue="P13 12/13" useMarker="1" markerRadius="7" dashed="1" dashLen="3" dashGap="3" valueInside="0.1" /> </trendpoints><styles><definition><style type="font" bold="1" name="trendvaluefont" color="" /> </definition><application><apply styles="trendvaluefont" toObject="Trendvalues" /> </application></styles></Chart> Hello As we can see from xml the gauge has: loverlimit: 0 upperlimit: 0.4 value: 0 In this case by some reason the upperlimit becomes equal to 1 as showed in attached image. If value is greater than zero, chart is rendered as it should. Is this bug or there are methods to fix it?