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  1. vertical size of Gannt chart

    Thanks for the prompt response. Could you give me an idea if / when this feature might be added? I need to plan my development accordingly. Thanks!
  2. I am building Gannt chart XML records with other software. In some cases there may be just a couple of task records on the Gannt chart & in other cases there may be hundreds. Is the HTML file that presents the chart, I currently have tested the following snippet: codebase=",0,0,0" width="900" height="500" id="Gantt" > Is there any way to have a really long Gannt chart where the SWF "knows" to allow enough space to read each task & to provide a vertical scroll bar to scroll down and see all of the elements? Thanks!
  3. How do I stop caching of the xml files?

    I am going to begin testing the Fusion Charts DOM. How do you prevent the caching issue with the DOM? Thanks!