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  1. I am building Gannt chart XML records with other software. In some cases there may be just a couple of task records on the Gannt chart & in other cases there may be hundreds. Is the HTML file that presents the chart, I currently have tested the following snippet: codebase=",0,0,0" width="900" height="500" id="Gantt" > Is there any way to have a really long Gannt chart where the SWF "knows" to allow enough space to read each task & to provide a vertical scroll bar to scroll down and see all of the elements? Thanks!
  2. vertical size of Gannt chart

    Thanks for the prompt response. Could you give me an idea if / when this feature might be added? I need to plan my development accordingly. Thanks!
  3. How do I stop caching of the xml files?

    I am going to begin testing the Fusion Charts DOM. How do you prevent the caching issue with the DOM? Thanks!