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  1. Values

  2. Values

    How to make value that is 1000 not 1K but just 1000. thanks.
  3. Column Color

    I used the normal column 2d chart, how can I change so that the column is all in same color? what is the xml syntax? thanks.
  4. drill down problem

    Anyone can help?
  5. drill down problem

    Still not work. Even the examples don't work, I mean the popup window only text and not the chart.
  6. drill down problem

    I want to use the drill down function but the chart in popup window doesnt seem to work. This is my files code: http://rapidshare.com/files/233872805/files.zip.html There is three files in there, the main xml, the html that the xml point and the popup xml. I tried the code tag and it doesnt work also I tried adding attachment and it dont work too, please repair that error in the forum. Picture: http://i39.tinypic.com/x4k9zb.jpg In the popup only the div is appearing but the chart is not created. Anyone can help? Thanks
  7. Linux

    Hmm.. already download the 10 version but dont have a clue installing it in Linux (I use Ubuntu). Can you give me a good step by step installation?? Anyway I download the file from a Windows OS, is that a problem? or should I download it from Linux? Thanks
  8. Linux

    So it's the Flash 10 version, will it work with FC3?
  9. Border

    I see... but it wont look good if the upper number still appear. Anyway to make it not visible? Ex: I have a chart with 0-100 and if there is a upper limit of 110 then I want to make it not shown. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Border

    How can I make the upper border not visible?? the problem is if the chart reach max (top) the chart collide with the upper border and it doesnt look good. Thanks.
  11. Linux

    I wanna ask where can I download the adobe player 8 for linux? because the charts wont work. Thanks.
  12. Scatter chart values

    I already try using that but it only change the direction of the value and it still overlap. Is it possible to make the position of the values to change? I need it in the right side of the point. Thanks for reply.
  13. Scatter chart values

    How can I make the values in scatter in the side of point? the pic I have is next: I want the average point have values in the right side because if in default position the value is overlap with the median value. Thanks.
  14. scatter chart

    How can I make the x-axis value show in the point in the chart? what xml attribute should I use? Thanks EDIT:nevermind, found it by myself.
  15. How can I use FusionDOM but in the JS code directly? because in here it looks like it is placed in the html. Thanks