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  1. Distributing charts evenly

    This worked, thank you.
  2. Distributing charts evenly

    I have a dashboard below and which has different ranges of values and y axis titles. I would like to get all the bars as close to the same thickness as possible. Are there settings that I can use to achieve this? Doesn't need to be perfect but at least a little closer to even width than it is now. Thanks Stu
  3. I am using gauges on my front page and I would like to be able to add a link to each showing a full monthly column chart but have it open in lytebox. I have the link on my page separately and it opens fine but I want to remove the separate link and allow people to click on the gauge and that open the lytebox page with the monthly chart. Thanks
  4. I have worked out a way to do the setdataurl within Lotus Notes so I am working fine now. If someone is looking to do charts in Lotus Notes, email me at stu at stulincoln dot com and I will supply some information - Fusion Charts works very well to chart in Lotus Notes
  5. Hi I just tried the "setDataXML" version and it works ok with the new versions. So problem is just with setDataURL. Thanks
  6. I have sent through all the code. Thank you.
  7. I was using a trial to render charts in Lotus Notes and all was working fine. when I added in the new fusioncharts.js and Pie3d.swf files I now get an error "Error in Loading Data." If I swap out the old Pie3D.swf it works straight away. The old version is 47,516 bytes and the old old fusioncharts.js is 7057 bytes and dated October 04, 2006. Thanks Stu