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  1. Hello! Is there example for using fusioncharts in React Native? Regards, Ardi
  2. FCExporter Sometimes Give An Error

    i found the solution --> "resizing Max Post Size in Glassfish Server" thanks for all supreme being who trying to help me
  3. FCExporter Sometimes Give An Error

    here: "exportEnabled" : "1"; "exportAtClient" : "0"; "exportHandler" : "FCExporter"; "exportFileName" : "VoiceTrafficFileName"; "exportFormat" : "JPG";
  4. FCExporter Sometimes Give An Error

    a. Well, I'm doing Batch Export Chart, image saving in server disk. When ChartId1 is done exporting, the Chart is changing with ChartId2 in the same div, and if ChartId2 is finish rendering, ChartId2 is start exporting. b. I'm trying to export Flash chart c. i'm using FusionCharts XT (v3.3.1 - Service Release 1) d. Sample Code: startExport("ChartId1"); function startExport(param){ var chart = FusionCharts.getObjectReference(param); if (chart.hasRendered()==true){ chart.exportChart(); }else{ alert("Please wait for the chart to finish rendering"); } } function FC_Exported ( statusObj ) { var area = Ext.getCmp('AreaTypeSlide').rawValue; var time = Ext.getCmp('TimeTypeSlide').rawValue; console.log(statusObj); if (statusObj.statusCode == "1" ) { if(statusObj.DOMId == "ChartId1") { var SMSPPT = new FusionCharts("../Ext-4/Charts/MSCombiDY2D.swf", 'ChartId2', "785", "538", "0", "1"); SMSPPT.setJSONUrl('./Services/SMSTrend/'+area+'/'+time+'/PPT'+'?zoom=0'); SMSPPT.render("SlideDiv"); SMSPPT.addEventListener("Rendered", function () { FusionCharts("ChartId2").exportChart(); }); chartsImg = statusObj.fileName.substring(22); } else { chartsImg = chartsImg + "|" + statusObj.fileName.substring(22); window.open("./Services/trafficRptService/"+chartsImg); } console.log(chartsImg); } else { alert("Problem"); } } hope you understand, and i'm waiting for your valuable answer
  5. Hallo, i am new in Fusionchart forum i have a problem with FCExporter, i'm doing to export chart via server-side (Glassfish). Sometimes they doing great, but sometimes FCExporter gives me an error. the error: pic: my question is where the error comes from?