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  1. Hi Haritha, I got the solution. Thanks Udhaya for your kind help. Regards, Raghu.
  2. Hi Haritha, I have attached the XML files and i'm trying to recreate Car-Dashboard which is available here http://www.fusioncharts.com/demos/business/car-dashboard/view/index.html I'm unable to remove the background in charts. Please let me know how this could be fixed. Thanks, Raghu. DailyDashBoard1.zip
  3. Hi All, I'm very new here and from non technical background. I'm trying to recreate car-dashboard using same FussionWidgets XT. I'm unable to make the Angular Gauge chart background as transparent. I tried adding setTransparent='true', canvasBgAlpha='0', bgAlpha='0' but did not help, the background still shows white with the charts. I'm not sure how I could achieve this. Kindly help sort this issue. Thanks & Regards, Raghu.