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  1. height property

    I had to make a mod to the DOM, but I finally made it work. I added an event, OnGetHeight="MyHeightFunc" to the chart declaration. Then added this to the DOM in method _FCD.processTag = function(a) if ((b.ongetheight) && (b.ongetheight != '')) { var ongetheighteval = 'b.height =' + b.ongetheight; eval(ongetheighteval); } MyHeightFunc varies depending which page I am on.
  2. height property

    I'd like to adjust the height of my chart and have it re-render based on the new height. I've put in code to adjust the height and the height changes, but when it re-renders it renders as if the height was still the original. Thus, I may change the height from 300 to 150 but the chart renders as if 300 so it is cut off at the 150.
  3. Bug: Missing Chart Types in ChartAlias

    Thanks, I figured that out by looking at the source. Our charts are driven by an XML template file and have been using the name of the SWF as the name of the chart type. So having one name for the SWF and another name to represent the chart type is problematic. Do you have a list of your chart names and the name of the .SWF files that go along with it? Thanks, Mark
  4. Bug: Missing Chart Types in ChartAlias

    My slow script problem was caused by loading multiple charts (with little data) using FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML as part of a SharePoint WebPart. This was on the first load of the page. Going with the DOM has solved this problem but introduced others.
  5. Potential bug: no on page

    Can't figure out how to edit original. It should say no fusioncharts tags on the page.
  6. Potential bug: no on page

    I have created a Sharepoint webpart that has two modes, Configure and Display. When in Configure mode there is no on the page. In fuction _FCD.processSourceNodes the line: xmlString = document.body.innerHTML.match(new RegExp('', 'ig')).join(''); throws an exception in this scenario. To solve the problem I have made the following changes (see bolded): _FCD.processSourceNodes = function() { var a = _FCD.L.tags(_FCD.R.fcTag); for (var c = 0; c < a.length; c++) { a[c].style.display = 'none' } if (_FCD.L.isIE) { var b = _FCD.L.getNew('xml', 'style=display:none'), xmlString; document.body.appendChild(; try { xmlString = document.body.innerHTML.match(new RegExp('', 'ig')).join(''); b.loadXML('' + xmlString + ''); a = b.firstChild.childNodes } catch (er) { return null; //mdb } } else { a = _FCD.L.tags(_FCD.R.fcTag) } _FCD.processSourceNodes = function() { return a }; return a }; and _FCD.parseDOM = function() { _FCD.Nodes = Array(); var a = _FCD.L.tags(_FCD.R.fcTag); var i; var b; for (i = 0; i < a.length; i++) { b = _FCD.processTag(a); _FCD.Nodes.push(; _FCD._indexOf[] = i } var c = _FCD.processSourceNodes(); if (!c) return; //mdb for (i = 0; i < c.length; i++) { _FCD.Nodes.sourceNode = c; if (_FCD.Nodes.parameters.dataurl) { _FCD.Nodes.chartObject.setDataURL(escape(_FCD.Nodes.parameters.dataurl)) } else
  7. It appears that the DOM is missing support for wmode="transparent" It is causing some of my combo boxes to appear underneath the chart. If this feature isn't missing, can you tell me how to enable it?
  8. I'm testing the DOM and have discovered some missing ChartTypes The line if(!_FCD.R.chartAlias[a]){_FCD.notify(_FCD.R.errorAlias+"Debug Info: Invalid parameter: ChartType",true)} a='msline' is throwing an exception because MSLine is not in the ChartAlias List Also, is there anyway I can get the .debug version of the DOM so I can continue developing by working around these types of issues I'm using the DOM to solve the multiple charts loading issue (Slow Script)
  9. FusionCharts DOM 1.1b BETA Released

    Pardon me, but I'm new to web development and javascript. Are there directions on how to use FusionCharts with the DOM. Right now I'm just using the RenderChartHTML method but I think I have to use the DOM version. I'm currently running into the "script is running slowly" issue with multiple charts on a page. I'm not plotting a lot of data, with 4 charts on a page (in IE) I'm only plotting about 10 data values per chart.
  10. We have created a control which encapsulates the FusionChart as a Sharepoint WebPart, but have run into an issue in IE due to, what I believe from reading this forum, the Width property. Currently the width is set to 100% so it will occupy the entire width of the space configured for the control. As I have read, 100% can be invalid (although appears to work on Firefox) and a fixed width chart is not optimal for SharePoint. Occasionally, when multiple Sharepoint parts are on a page, one or more of the parts render garbled. The code to render is as follows and in the attached screen shot, was used to render both charts. bool debug = FusionChartController._Run.ConfigData.Debug; Output = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML(swf, "", xml, ChartID, "100%", "220", debug, false, true,"#000000", "noscale","EN"); divFusionChart.Controls.Clear(); divFusionChart.InnerHtml = Output; Any solution to this issue?
  11. We have created a generic method for generating the XML to render various charts using ASP and C# A gauge will accept a color defined as #XXXXXX but a MSColumn3D only accepts XXXXXX (no #) By default colors use the # prefix. Is the MSColumn3D going to accept the # in the future. Are they any charts that require the #? I really don't want to go through our code to remove the # support. Thanks