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  1. How can i remove/edit that spinning circle(the one that open a edit menu) when holding the click over the data? Any way i can do that using parameters on xml or css? Thanks
  2. problems about DragNode chart

    not what i wanted, but thanks anyway. I solved it using an array of the elements and after that an addeventlistener inside a for.
  3. problems about DragNode chart

    Hi there, i have a similar problem. in a set object i want to pass by link (onclick) the actual X position not the fixed value, how can i get this value?
  4. Crash on ie10

    Hi there, Everytime i open a page using a graphic on ie10 it crashs(in any machine), im using fusioncharts 3.3.1 and the point it crash's : var myChart = new FusionCharts('Line', 'test123', width, height); Thanks the attention.
  5. Crash on ie10

    Here is the part of the code im using, i tried forcing it directly on the console debug too: var graphic = new FusionCharts('Line', 'ctobj_line_cross', '600', '200', '0', '1'); graphic.setDataXML(...the above data i posted graphic.render('ctnr_line_cross'); the exactly point its crashing is the new FusionCharts prototype command, i tried setting values without quotes too. the ie10 is working on internet explorer 10 mode and standard document, anyother browser and other ie versions are ok.
  6. Crash on ie10

    Hi Sumedh, thank for the quick response. here is a example of xml im using: <?xml version="1.0"?> <chart stroke-width="0" stroke-opacity="0" bgAlpha="0,0" bgRatio="0,100" bgAngle="90" caption=" " labelDisplay="Rotate" slantLabels="1" xAxisName="PRIORITY" yAxisName="ITEM" > <set label="HIGH" value="50" /> <set label="LOW" value="1" /> <set label="NORMAL" value="39" /> </chart>