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  1. Code file: FusionCharts_XT_Evaluation\Gallery\StackedColumn3D\StCol3D3.html Data file: FusionCharts_XT_Evaluation\Gallery\Data\String\js\StCol3D3.js then, I edited the StCol3D3.js file, showsum='1', and set all the values of label Jan to 0. in flash mode, couldn't find the sum value of lable Jan. in javascript mode, the sum value was above the chart. no on top of the column. Who can help me with this issue? var dataString ='<chart caption="Market Activity" yAxisName="Listings" showvalues="0" areaOverColumns="0" showSum="1" showPercentValues="1">\n\ \n\ <categories>\n\ <category label="Jan" />\n\ <category label="Feb" />\n\ <category label="Mar" />\n\ <category label="Apr" />\n\ <category label="May" />\n\ <category label="Jun" />\n\ <category label="Jul" />\n\ <category label="Aug" />\n\ <category label="Sep" />\n\ <category label="Oct" />\n\ <category label="Nov" />\n\ <category label="Dec" />\n\ </categories>\n\ \n\ <dataset seriesName="New Listings" color="FBAB35">\n\ <set value="0" />\n\ <set value="401" />\n\ <set value="342" />\n\ <set value="370" />\n\ <set value="414" />\n\ <set value="385" />\n\ <set value="400" />\n\ <set value="456" />\n\ <set value="340" />\n\ <set value="390" />\n\ <set value="332" />\n\ <set value="401" />\n\ </dataset>\n\ \n\ <dataset seriesName="Re-list" color="DA3608" >\n\ <set value="0" />\n\ <set value="305" />\n\ <set value="295" />\n\ <set value="345" />\n\ <set value="285" />\n\ <set value="315" />\n\ <set value="295" />\n\ <set value="335" />\n\ <set value="300" />\n\ <set value="320" />\n\ <set value="285" />\n\ <set value="260" />\n\ </dataset>\n\ \n\ <dataset seriesName="Sold" color="015887">\n\ <set value="0" />\n\ <set value="135" />\n\ <set value="125" />\n\ <set value="175" />\n\ <set value="115" />\n\ <set value="145" />\n\ <set value="125" />\n\ <set value="165" />\n\ <set value="130" />\n\ <set value="150" />\n\ <set value="115" />\n\ <set value="90" />\n\ </dataset>\n\ \n\ <dataset seriesName="Withdrawn" color="78AE1C">\n\ <set value="0" />\n\ <set value="85" />\n\ <set value="64" />\n\ <set value="105" />\n\ <set value="56" />\n\ <set value="78" />\n\ <set value="56" />\n\ <set value="105" />\n\ <set value="80" />\n\ <set value="100" />\n\ <set value="67" />\n\ <set value="82" />\n\ </dataset>\n\ \n\ </chart>';
  2. FusionCharts XT 3.2.4 works fine. it may be a new issue for FusionCharts XT 3.3.1 . Just set sum value to 0, and set showSum=1.