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  1. Hi In my drag node charts, i want move a node using javascript. This is necessary for my project.I try move the element using the attribute transform="matrix(1,0,0,1,229,-80)", BUT this not work. This not fire the event FC_ChartUpdated;Can i move the node using javascript? Have an function to do that? Thanks
  2. How to remove a Node from DragNode Chart

    For testing: 1º Drag one node for inside of Delete area and drop the node in there. Result: the node will be removed. 2º Drag one node on the chart, then, drag other NODE for inside of Delete area. Result: the nodes will be changed of position.
  3. How to remove a Node from DragNode Chart

    Hi, Thanks for you answer. I found the problem. In my chart i use this parameter: "inThousandSeparator": "." Look my example in annex. For now, i don't need to use this option, so, i will withdraw of my code. Ps: just for know, i printed my chart for you see how i use him in my system. Thank you for attention,
  4. Hi, I have a problema with my DragNode Chart. I have to remove an node, from the dataset and from the chart visualy. I just try clone de object returned by .setJSONDATA(), later i try remove the index and later i try update de JSON using .setJSONDATA. This code is called into a FC_ChartUpdated. Look an example for this code: function FC_ChartUpdated(chartId, dataIndex, datasetIndex){ if(remove){ //seted for other function chartJSONData = jQuery.extend(true, {}, FusionCharts(chartId).getJSONData()); chartJSONData.dataset[datasetIndex-1].data.splice(dataIndex-1,1); FusionCharts(chartId).setJSONData(chartJSONData); } } This works fine if i NOT DRAG any node before this i want remove. Exemple: If i drag the node 'A1', and remove this node. The chart works fine. But, if i drag the node 'A2', and later i drag the node 'A1' and try remove him, the chart rendered the node 'A2' (and the others) for the wrong coordinate X and Y. Exists an method of remove only one node per time? Thank you
  5. Execute event on DRAG a NODE

    Hi, Problem 1 was solved with viewMode (was seted viewMode='1')., thanks for your answer. To problem 2, i did the uploded of the image. Can you see the blurred nodes? For the code, i did the uploaded of the xml in 4shared. Can you download this? Thx
  6. Execute event on DRAG a NODE

    Hi, i'm glad for your answer. This helped me so much and solve my problem! =) But, i have more two problems: 1º -> in my drag node chart, sometimes, when i draging a node, appears an window with details of this node. I don't know how to make this window not show in my chart. Exists an method to set to make not show this window? 2º -> in my drag node charts, many nodes appears "blurred" (blurry). This problem ocurred in the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. How i can fix this? Thx
  7. Execute event on DRAG a NODE

    Hi, Sorry for my english. I wish know if i can execute an js code when i DRAG a node on chart. For exemple: in the , i can set the "link" to be execute when i CLICK in a node on chart. But i can't execute this function when i DRAG a node. I need execute this functior for get a "id" (key value) for this node. When a set a drag event (JQUERY) for this node, i can't get the id because i don't have how to know if this is the same on the getJSONData() object. How i can do that? Thx