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  1. y axis value

    hi, How to set numberprefix/suffic for sYaxis name.And also how to set the lower limit and upperlimit for sYaxis.How to set the Time intervel for sYaxis suppose if my sYaxis Scale size is 10, i want to dispaly as 0,0.5,1 ,1.5,2,2.5......10 Regards, Sunil
  2. Special characters

    HI, I am working on Drilldown charts,To call drilldown chart I am using the javascript. I have to pass year and region to the drilldown chart.But One of the Regions is Northen & Southern.When i pass the Region with Special characters(&) the part before & is only passed.Help me to fix this issue function updateChart(year, Region){ //Update the chart if it's loaded if (cityChartLoaded){ //DataURL for the chart var strURL = "Data_SalesByCity.aspx?year=" + year + "&Region=" + Region; //Sometimes, the above URL and XML data gets cached by the browser. //If you want your charts to get new XML data on each request, //you can add the following line:strURL = strURL + "&currTime=" + getTimeForURL(); //getTimeForURL method is defined below and needs to be included //This basically adds a ever-changing parameter which bluffs //the browser and forces it to re-load the XML data every time. //URLEncode it - NECESSARY.strURL = escape(strURL); //Get reference to chart object using Dom ID "CityDetails" var chartObj = getChartFromId("CityDetails"); //Send request for XMLchartObj.setDataURL(strURL); } else { //Show erroralert( "Please wait for the charts to load."); return;} Regards Sunil
  3. drilldown chart

    HI, Iam learing fusion charts.I have developed a sample application in has default.aspx and the other popup1 .aspx.Iam unable to drildown the chart.Can u suggest me where i have gone wrong.Iam here by attaching my sample code. i have two questins 1)Can we have nested drilldown charts ie if i click chart1 ,chart 2 should be loaded and if i click chart 2 chart 3 should be loaded. 2). how to escape the + sign.I could escape the % by calling the Function.ExcapeXml But its not working for + eg: one of my dat is as shown below GE Price 26+% Above Competition Pricei could format the above line ............Function.excapexml(GE Price 26+% Above Competition Price) the o/p is (GE Price 26 % Above Competition Price) its not giving as desired.could you please suggest Thanks &Regards, Sunil T
  4. Excel Exporter

    Hi, This is sunil working on Fusion charts.One of my clients required the fusion charts to be exported to excel.I have seen your code .Great work.Can u send the sample apllication for exporting the chart data to the Excel file my email:[email protected] Thanx in Advance, Sunil