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  1. box and whisker graphs

    Hi can flashcharts output box and whisker graphs such as where the quartile ranges are automatically calculated?
  2. I am developing a PHP web survey app which will be entirely free to use and download (kind donations will be accepted through paypal). I would like to use fusioncharts to display the survey results - pie charts , line graphs, etc. Is it ok to include fusioncharts free inside the zip file containing the survey app?
  3. Distribution Question - Free Version

    Great news. Once the product is ready i'll send the info to you.
  4. Hello i'm using a bar2d to output some data that is contained within an array. i would like all bars to be the same colour except one, that represents the logged in user. assuming the following code snippet how can i customise the colour of one bar? //Store Name of Products in the first column of the array $arrData[0][0] = "Singapore"; $arrData[1][0] = "India"; $arrData[2][0] = "England"; $arrData[3][0] = "Germany"; //Store sales data in the second column of the array $arrData[0][1] = 567500; $arrData[1][1] = 815300; $arrData[2][1] = 556800; $arrData[3][1] = 734500; //add the logged in user $arrData[4][0] = "You"; $arrData[4][1] = 123455; $FC = new FusionCharts("Bar2D","600","300"); # Call FusionCharts PHP Class Function to add data from the array $FC->addChartDataFromArray($arrData); how can i have all the bars green, except "you" which can be in red?
  5. yes, that works. thanks. Its in the documentation. i should have looked more closely
  6. FusionCharts v4 ?

    Any info regaring v4 ? If I buy v3 now, will I be entitled to a free upgrade to v4?
  7. wmode = transparent

    hi how can i add the above code if i am using PHP Class i tried: # Define chart attributes $strParam="caption=Points for $yr;isTransparent=0; showBorder=1;labelDisplay=ROTATE;numberSuffix=;exportEnabled=1; legendPosition=right;yAxisMaxValue=100; decimals=0; rotateLabels=1;yAxisName=Average Points for all Checklists;exportHandler=$serverip; exportAtClient=0; exportAction=download; exportFileName=$filename;"; but it doesnt work secondly, The documentation for PHP class is very limited. can you provide more description. e.g. how to do a multiseries chart using php class.
  8. wmode = transparent

    thanks that helps.
  9. Hello I am using fusioncharts 3 evalution. If i can get this to work i intend to buy the full version. My scenario is as follows,,, My graphs display exam results for 10 students. There are 10 exams per students (score on y-axis) (exam x-axis) The graph shows a line for each student which goes up and down depending on the exam result. Above the graph i would like to have checkboxes with each student name next to it. Based on which checkboxes are ticked i want this to update the graph. e.g. if select student A,B,C then only three lines will be displayed. I am using adobe spry on my website to create the xml. I'd like to have something similar to this but instead of updating a table, i'd like it to update the graph. Any ideas. I can't find anything in the sample code, or by searching this forum. I'd really like to do this client=side instead of server=side. TIA:)
  10. wmode = transparent

    Basundhara, how to set wmode using php class? is it: $strParam="caption=MyChart;isTransparent=1; showBorder=1;" because it doesnt work . the guide to the php API doesn't mention how to set wmode.
  11. Thats very cool. have you got some more detailed instructions, with screen shots? 1. You need to create a chart in Flash 8 (so the output is a flash movie SWF file) 2. Also get the XML embedded into the movie itself . So NO external dependencies how? 3. Add the SWF (created in Flash) to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 or above.
  12. Hi I have a report page that contains some tables of data and 3 fusioncharts. I would like to be able to automatically generate a pdf copy of this page. So, does anybody know how to automatically output a php file to a webpage? I have seen fpdf, but I want to provide the existing php page as the input.
  13. server side the entire page though, not only the charts. Can it be done?
  14. Good luck with that ! Let me know how it goes.
  15. can you supply the generic code for this? I don't understand
  16. i tried the following code but it doesnt work would you mind checking the attachment. I have given each chart a unique div and id - thats what the php code is for. snippet.txt
  17. Hi Basundhara. I'd like to try your suggestion. how do i do this?
  18. Hi I have a similar issue. I have created a dashboard that contains quite a number of graphs. The browser does freeze during loading - i'm sure this is browser/bandwidth issue rather than fusioncharts but is there anyway to display an overall loading layer on the page? FYi I am using: chart1.setDataXML There is lots of this on the page: var chart1 = new FusionCharts("graphs/MSColumn2D.swf", "23", "800", "500", "0", "0"); chart1.setDataXML(""); chart1.render("22009div");
  19. I've spent hours trying to get this to work would you mind checking the code for me? I am trying to plot a MSline graph with selector buttons at the top. test.txt
  20. box and whisker graphs

    hmmm.. thats odd, despite using CODE tags the xml won't display.:doze:
  21. box and whisker graphs

    Using Candle4 - Would the XML to out put the graph below be something like: - Is there anyway to include the mean?
  22. Actually, it should be possible for me to figure it out using the example code from here: