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  1. I using FusionChart with In implementation i hiting to server with ajax through which i get JSOn in response and i simply pass the json in datasource of fusion chart. Fusion chart is prepared successfully but in second time fusion chart in prepared but the output chart lost its own height and width. why is this so i can't understand. Following code i use <div id="dvGraph" style="width: 800px; height: 300px;"> </div> <input type="button" value="click me" onclick="GetChartData()"/> function GetChartData(){ var postURL = 'abc.aspx?data=PopUp'; $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: postURL, contentType: "application/json;charset=utf-8", dataType: "json", cache: false, beforeSend: function () { }, success: function (response) { var strJson = response.ChartParams[0]; RenderChart(strJson); }, error: function (msg) { ShowErrorMessage(msg); } }); } function RenderChart(strJson) { var uniqueId = GetUniqueId(); // Like dv_5kF7e var myChart = new FusionCharts("MSCombiDY2D", uniqueId, "800", "320", "0", "1"); myChart.setJSONData(strJson); myChart.render("dvGraph"); } it work on first time with actual width:800 and hegiht: 320 but after that its not getting its actual height and width. Please refer Image1.jpg its good but after that height and width not working. But i regularly set height and width by calling RenderChart method. .
  2. In attached image there is a legend area in red rectangle. Can we customize the legend as attached pictures. For reference please follow the attached image.
  3. Javascript execution on tooltext of fusion chart

    Hi Rishab, I have already implemented your suggestion, but in this scenario large of data traveling from server to client by the above solution. So i want to execte some javascript function where some value passes and result string like this(<table border="2"><tr><td>Table1</td><td>Table2</td></tr></table>) i will get on toolTip. So please look into this matter. -- Thanks
  4. I want to execute javascript function that will return a tabular structure view on tooltip. But the following code is not executable. <set value='1.42' tooltext='javascript:showTooltip(100,200);'/> How can i do this. So please try to explain the javascript execution on toolText of javascript.