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  1. Have there been any updates to this request? Thanks, Matt
  2. Break at the top of a chart

    This is a much-needed small feature. When you have a large difference in values across a chart, many of the smaller values are not readable given the Y axis current supports the largest value. This is a fairly common feature across most charting packages. (Very basic example attached) Given the original request in 4 years old, I suspect your not likely to add it. However, please keep me updated if you do. Thanks, Matt
  3. Firefox multiple Pie2d on page label error

    I have requested this fix three times using the support email address. Please share this fix with us. Thanks! Ticket 522433
  4. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Hi Prerana, I followed the steps and it does allow both funnel charts and pie charts to work correctly which is great. However, I can't expect our tens of thousands of users to complete this kind of a step should they encounter the issue. Firefox displays a very stern warning indicating a violation of warranty prior to making this kind of change and most of our users wouldn't feel comfortable trying this to begin with. Additionally, the client would have to experience the problem before the solution could be provided. Can we expect a built in fix in an upcoming release soon? Thanks, Matt
  5. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Ok, thank you. Please keep us updated on the status or any workarounds we can apply without a patch. Matt
  6. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Fusion Chart Team, Do you have any information on this Bug Report? Thanks, Matt
  7. Fusion Team - This bug ALSO exists in version 3.5. Per your instructions of trying 3.5, we very quickly discovered two additional bugs within 5.0 that are logged here: Funnel 3.5.0, streamlinedData=0, Cannot read property 'fontSize' of undefined http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/16240-funnel-350-streamlineddata0-cannot-read-property-fontsize-of-undefined/ DragNode 3.5.0 cannot drag without link firing http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/16241-dragnode-350-cannot-drag-without-link-firing/ Can you provide a patch to 3.4 to address this issue as 3.5 has additional bugs preventing us from using it. Finally - just a suggestion to take it or leave it. Before asking your clients to test new versions to determine if bugs still exist, I would recommend testing them on your own first. When I read your post asking us to evaluate the newest version, I first thought perhaps you knew it was fixed and suggested trying 3.5. Upon discovering the bug was not fixed, I have the feeling that you didn't know if it was fixed or not and that I was testing it for you. Matt
  8. Funnel Labels - Javascript

    When viewing funnel charts in the javascript format, at times the labels are not shown within the charting area. Flash looks great. I've confirmed this in both 3.3.1-sr3.21100 and 3.2.4-sr1.9888. Matt
  9. Funnel Labels - Javascript

    Do you have a ship date for the next release? Will there be access to a pre-release version for testing on our side? We had hoped our next product release would use your latest version (3.3.1-sr3.21100) [javascript only], however, we have noticed differences between the Flash and Javascript versions that will force us to go back to an older version of your product. Thanks. Matt