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  1. see attached Chart type not supported output please
  2. Hello, FusionExport Server doesn't recognize children of maps/usa here: getting Chart type not supported error on generated test.img However, earlier had same error Chart type not supported when showing charts in browser and just needed to download map definition files, so it works now Does FusionExport Server require additional configuration in order to recognize maps/usa children, like maps/california, maps/ohio? Or is there a different way to convert properly? Regards
  3. 3.13.0 doesn't work in Chrome, but works in Firefox. When using Chrome, exception occurs in fusioncharts.js Does it require any specific configuration for Chrome? How to make 3.13.0 work in Chrome? Regards
  4. Hello, had various charts showing properly before, but since upgraded to 3.13.0 getting only error below where chart appeared earlier. you are using incompatible files or deprecated "register" API of FusionCharts, please go through the docs to know more Why isn't the latest backward compatible? Is there any extra dependency configuration? I noticed that fileset is different: old fileset: maps (directory) themes (directory) fusioncharts.js fusioncharts.charts.js fusioncharts.gantt.js fusioncharts.maps.js fusioncharts.powercharts.js fusioncharts.ssgrid.js fusioncharts.treemap.js fusioncharts.usa.js fusioncharts.widgets.js fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js new 3.13.0 fileset: maps (directory) themes (directory) fusioncharts.js fusioncharts.charts.js fusioncharts.gantt.js fusioncharts.maps.js fusioncharts.overlappedbar2d.js fusioncharts.overlappedcolumn2d.js fusioncharts.powercharts.js fusioncharts.timeseries.js fusioncharts.treemap.js fusioncharts.vml.js fusioncharts.widgets.js fusioncharts.zoomline.js fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js Regards
  5. Hello, App has been built in Backbone + requireJS. Assigned event listener to certain object's change, so would need to submit that object to function invoked via link property. Problem is that can only submit string parameters to function invoked via link. Have tried to access variables on global level, but nothing is available in function assigned to link, as it seems to be kind of exclusive region. Any idea or other recommended strategies? Regards
  6. Hello, Regarding export javascript (not flash) chart as image, have been able to setup php export handler Setup your own server to process and export JavaScript charts When can expect similar javascript charts export for J2EE server? Using Tomcat here. Was able to setup export for flash charts but about to use javascript rendering and php is overwhelming In the meanwhile, is there any work around? Have been trying with phantomjs, but unable to reach charts which are behind the gates of login-realm Regards