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  1. Thanks for response. Unfortunately, I do not have a live URL to offer. But pasting below my jscript/template-toolkit snippets: .... function download_button(id,graphname) { var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject(id, "/swf/FCExporter.swf"); myExportComponent.componentAttributes.width = '295'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnWidth = '295'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnHeight= '25'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnColor = 'E1f5ff'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnBorderColor = '000000'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnsavetitle = 'Save the above chart now'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnFontColor = '0372AB'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btnFontSize = '15'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.btndisabledtitle = 'Right click on above chart for export'; myExportComponent.Render(graphname+'_export'); } .... download_button("[% %]","[% item.graph %]"); There is no PERL API download avilable unlike Java,Ruby,PHP etc hence I cannot do server side export in PERL. So I am using the client side export which is working fine with latest IE, FF. This installation is under a Developer License. Version.txt says FusionCharts v3.1 Release: 24th February 2009
  2. I'd not been able to make FusionCharts V3 graph export feature work in Firefox, for latest versions of IE and FF it is working. I've used FusionChartsExportObject method in FusionChartsExportComponent.js file. Can somebody help or atleast ascertain that its not going to work with older versions of FireFox, IE?