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  1. Line chart width issues (specifically in IE9 and IE10)

    Unfortunately, adding the additional heights and widths resulted in no positive changes. This is very frustrating because it is happening in IE9 and IE10 only. All other browsers (IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) are displaying correctly. And it is just the line graphs. Bar charts look fine in all browsers.
  2. I have created a line chart (trended data over time) that works as expected in all browsers except IE9 and IE10. In the chart config, I have type: "msline", width: "100%", height: "300", dataFormat: "json", and in most browsers it correctly sizes itself to the container element (which has a width of 691px set on it). However, in IE9 and IE10, it sets itself to the width of the browser window, ignoring several layers of parent elements with set widths. Since the chart starts at the correct place on the left, this means it extends far off the page to the right. For some reason, my manager isn't a fan of this look. You may be asking, "why don't you just set the width of the chart to 691 in the js?" Here's the thing: if I set the width to any non-percentage size, the chart renders at 512px wide. Every time. No matter if the size I set it to is larger or smaller; it just draws at 512. I will also say I have bar charts set up on another page and they look fine across all browsers.