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  1. Hi there, I am creating a chart and use the `setXMLUrl` to set the xml data to the chart. I need to set a specific header to the request made by fusion chart. I know it must be trivial to do but I cannot find the documentation for the setXMLUrl function. cheers didier var chart = new FusionCharts('MSCombiDY2D', 'timeline_chartobj_98', '100%', 360, 0, 1); chart.setTransparent(true); chart.setXMLUrl("/mychart.xml"); // how do I set header to the request made to "/mychart.xml"
  2. truncate data to fit y-axis

    many thanks.
  3. vertical labels transparent

    In short, the legend is not readable, I want the axis labels to be darker, like in the attach image. many thanks!
  4. vertical labels transparent

    Hi Vishalika, Thanks a lot for your help. On the fiddle you shared, all the axis are light, I need them darker. Only the axis labeld ( -9, -3, 3 , ...) not the grid itself. Can we do that with fusion charts? thanks didier
  5. Is it possible to set the y-axis in such a way that some data do not show up because they are out of range? In the example fiddle (see bellow), if I set `yAxisMaxValue: "50000"` it works but not if I set `yAxisMaxValue: "15000"`. Is there a work around? didier http://jsfiddle.net/fusioncharts/T5C6h/
  6. vertical labels transparent

    Thanks Vishalika, I did not succeed to save the fiddle but you will find bellow the xml that generated the pale y axis. cheers! didier <graph exportEnabled="0" showYAxisValues="0" divLineAlpha="0" showLimits="0" yAxisMinValue="-9.0" xAxisMinValue="-0.110731989318" showAboutMenuItem="0" yAxisMaxValue="32.0" showAlternateHGridColor="0" canvasPadding="0" showZeroPlane="0" showToolTip="1" showVLimits="0" xAxisMaxValue="0.582691758319" yAxisName="Value" bubbleScale="0.7" subcaption="Latest data is from 14/09/2015"> <categories> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="-0.110731989318" label="-0.1"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="-0.010731989318" label="-0.0"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.089268010682" label="0.1"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.189268010682" label="0.2"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.289268010682" label="0.3"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.389268010682" label="0.4"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.489268010682" label="0.5"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.582691758319" label="0.6"/> </categories> <dataset showValues="1"> <set name="sdsdsd" color="" x="0.3" y="25.5" z="28.1" tooltext="dsssd: X.1" /> <set name="sdsdsd" color="" x="0.3" y="0.4" z="5.0" tooltext="0" /> <set name="sddssd" color="FF5555" x="-0.0" y="-2.5" z="0.9" tooltext="sddsds.9" /> <set name="sdjdsd" color="" x="0.5" y="3.7" z="7.2" tooltext="2" /> </dataset> <trendlines> <line alpha="15" color="948A54" displayValue=" " endValue="2.05934018754" isTrendZone="1" startValue="-9.0"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="-9.0" displayValue="-9"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="-3.0" displayValue="-3"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="3.0" displayValue="3"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="9.0" displayValue="9"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="15.0" displayValue="15"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="21.0" displayValue="21"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="27.0" displayValue="27"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="32.0" displayValue="32"/> </trendlines> <vtrendlines> <line alpha="15" color="948A54" displayValue=" " endValue="0.310206573411" isTrendZone="1" startValue="-0.11"/> </vtrendlines> <styles> <definition> <style size="10" color="000000" bold="1" name="boldfont" type="font" /> <style size="10" color="555555" bold="1" name="subcaptionfont" type="font" /> <style size="10" color="000000" bold="0" name="defaultfont" type="font" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="CAPTION" styles="boldfont" /> <apply toObject="SUBCAPTION" styles="subcaptionfont" /> <apply toObject="XAXISNAME" styles="defaultfont" /> <apply toObject="YAXISNAME" styles="defaultfont" /> <apply toObject="DATAVALUES" styles="boldfont" /> </application> </styles> </graph>
  7. vertical labels transparent

    Hi there, I am creating a bubble chart with fusionchart-xt and the xml format. I have problems with the vertical scale. I want the horizontal lines to have an opacity of 0.15 and the labels of 1. I cannot succeed to do it. In short, I want the vertical scale similar to the horizontal one in the attach image. I attach an xml file and image. cheers! didier bubble.xml
  8. tooltip not working in google chrome

    fusion chart 3.8.0 fixes the issue. We are currently upgrading to it. many thanks, didier
  9. We are working with FusionChart 3.4.0. We have a simple chart that contains a tooltip. For some persons under google chrome (43.0.2357.134 (64-bit) at least windows and linux) they do not see the tooltip. We have investigated the issue on our side and figured out that the issue is that the element #fusioncharts-tooltip-element never gets updated. In firefox, the #fusioncharts-tooltip-element element changes each time a circle is hover to create the tooltip; for some person in chrome, it does not change. Anyone knows how to solve the issue? You will find bellow a very small xml blob defining an example. many thanks, didier <chart baseFontColor="666666" showLegend="1" showAboutMenuItem="0" anchorAlpha="0" showToolTip="1" plotSpacePercent="70" formatNumber="1" drawAnchors="1" labelStep="1" showValues="0" SYAxisMaxValue="15000.0" setAdaptiveSYMin="0" showShadow="1" adjustDiv="0" plotGradientColor="8bc53f" showDivLineSecondaryValue="1" xAxisName="Latest data is from 04/03/2015" showSecondaryLimits="1" connectNullData="1" divLineColor="666666" lineThickness="2" SYAxisName="Volume" seriesNameInToolTip="1" labelDisplay="WRAP" yAxisValueDecimals="1" exportEnabled="0" PYAxisName="Score" PYAxisMaxValue="-7.0" setAdaptiveYMin="1" showYAxisValues="1" canvasBorderColor="99978A" PYAxisMinValue="-12.0" formatNumberScale="0" decimals="1" showPlotBorder="0"> <categories> <category label="01/03/2015"/> <category label="02/03/2015"/> <category label="03/03/2015"/> <category label="04/03/2015"/> </categories> <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Some Line" color="8bc53f"> <set value="-9.4" toolText="Some Line, 01/03/2015, -9.4 [N=2921.8]"/> <set value="-9.2" toolText="Some Line, 02/03/2015, -9.2 [N=2913.7]"/> <set value="-9.0" toolText="Some Line, 03/03/2015, -9.0 [N=2905.7]"/> <set value="-9.3" toolText="Some Line, 04/03/2015, -9.3 [N=2901.1]"/> </dataset> <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Upper Confidence Bounds" color="e0e0e0" lineThickness="1"> <set value="-7.2" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 01/03/2015, -7.2"/> <set value="-7.0" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 02/03/2015, -7.0"/> <set value="-6.8" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 03/03/2015, -6.8"/> <set value="-7.1" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 04/03/2015, -7.1"/> </dataset> <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Lower Confidence Bounds" color="e0e0e0" lineThickness="1"> <set value="-11.6" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 01/03/2015, -11.6"/> <set value="-11.4" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 02/03/2015, -11.4"/> <set value="-11.3" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 03/03/2015, -11.3"/> <set value="-11.5" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 04/03/2015, -11.5"/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Volume" color="8bc53f" renderAs="COLUMN" parentYAxis="S"> <set value="2921.8" toolText="Volume, 01/03/2015, 2921.8"/> <set value="2913.7" toolText="Volume, 02/03/2015, 2913.7"/> <set value="2905.7" toolText="Volume, 03/03/2015, 2905.7"/> <set value="2901.1" toolText="Volume, 04/03/2015, 2901.1"/> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style type="font" name="CaptionFont" size="12"/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="caption" styles="CaptionFont"/> </application> </styles> </chart>