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  1. Is it possible to set the y-axis in such a way that some data do not show up because they are out of range? In the example fiddle (see bellow), if I set `yAxisMaxValue: "50000"` it works but not if I set `yAxisMaxValue: "15000"`. Is there a work around? didier http://jsfiddle.net/fusioncharts/T5C6h/
  2. Hi there, I am creating a chart and use the `setXMLUrl` to set the xml data to the chart. I need to set a specific header to the request made by fusion chart. I know it must be trivial to do but I cannot find the documentation for the setXMLUrl function. cheers didier var chart = new FusionCharts('MSCombiDY2D', 'timeline_chartobj_98', '100%', 360, 0, 1); chart.setTransparent(true); chart.setXMLUrl("/mychart.xml"); // how do I set header to the request made to "/mychart.xml"
  3. truncate data to fit y-axis

    many thanks.
  4. vertical labels transparent

    Hi there, I am creating a bubble chart with fusionchart-xt and the xml format. I have problems with the vertical scale. I want the horizontal lines to have an opacity of 0.15 and the labels of 1. I cannot succeed to do it. In short, I want the vertical scale similar to the horizontal one in the attach image. I attach an xml file and image. cheers! didier bubble.xml
  5. vertical labels transparent

    In short, the legend is not readable, I want the axis labels to be darker, like in the attach image. many thanks!
  6. vertical labels transparent

    Hi Vishalika, Thanks a lot for your help. On the fiddle you shared, all the axis are light, I need them darker. Only the axis labeld ( -9, -3, 3 , ...) not the grid itself. Can we do that with fusion charts? thanks didier
  7. vertical labels transparent

    Thanks Vishalika, I did not succeed to save the fiddle but you will find bellow the xml that generated the pale y axis. cheers! didier <graph exportEnabled="0" showYAxisValues="0" divLineAlpha="0" showLimits="0" yAxisMinValue="-9.0" xAxisMinValue="-0.110731989318" showAboutMenuItem="0" yAxisMaxValue="32.0" showAlternateHGridColor="0" canvasPadding="0" showZeroPlane="0" showToolTip="1" showVLimits="0" xAxisMaxValue="0.582691758319" yAxisName="Value" bubbleScale="0.7" subcaption="Latest data is from 14/09/2015"> <categories> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="-0.110731989318" label="-0.1"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="-0.010731989318" label="-0.0"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.089268010682" label="0.1"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.189268010682" label="0.2"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.289268010682" label="0.3"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.389268010682" label="0.4"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.489268010682" label="0.5"/> <category showVerticalLine="1" x="0.582691758319" label="0.6"/> </categories> <dataset showValues="1"> <set name="sdsdsd" color="" x="0.3" y="25.5" z="28.1" tooltext="dsssd: X.1" /> <set name="sdsdsd" color="" x="0.3" y="0.4" z="5.0" tooltext="0" /> <set name="sddssd" color="FF5555" x="-0.0" y="-2.5" z="0.9" tooltext="sddsds.9" /> <set name="sdjdsd" color="" x="0.5" y="3.7" z="7.2" tooltext="2" /> </dataset> <trendlines> <line alpha="15" color="948A54" displayValue=" " endValue="2.05934018754" isTrendZone="1" startValue="-9.0"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="-9.0" displayValue="-9"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="-3.0" displayValue="-3"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="3.0" displayValue="3"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="9.0" displayValue="9"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="15.0" displayValue="15"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="21.0" displayValue="21"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="27.0" displayValue="27"/> <line alpha="15" startValue="32.0" displayValue="32"/> </trendlines> <vtrendlines> <line alpha="15" color="948A54" displayValue=" " endValue="0.310206573411" isTrendZone="1" startValue="-0.11"/> </vtrendlines> <styles> <definition> <style size="10" color="000000" bold="1" name="boldfont" type="font" /> <style size="10" color="555555" bold="1" name="subcaptionfont" type="font" /> <style size="10" color="000000" bold="0" name="defaultfont" type="font" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="CAPTION" styles="boldfont" /> <apply toObject="SUBCAPTION" styles="subcaptionfont" /> <apply toObject="XAXISNAME" styles="defaultfont" /> <apply toObject="YAXISNAME" styles="defaultfont" /> <apply toObject="DATAVALUES" styles="boldfont" /> </application> </styles> </graph>
  8. We are working with FusionChart 3.4.0. We have a simple chart that contains a tooltip. For some persons under google chrome (43.0.2357.134 (64-bit) at least windows and linux) they do not see the tooltip. We have investigated the issue on our side and figured out that the issue is that the element #fusioncharts-tooltip-element never gets updated. In firefox, the #fusioncharts-tooltip-element element changes each time a circle is hover to create the tooltip; for some person in chrome, it does not change. Anyone knows how to solve the issue? You will find bellow a very small xml blob defining an example. many thanks, didier <chart baseFontColor="666666" showLegend="1" showAboutMenuItem="0" anchorAlpha="0" showToolTip="1" plotSpacePercent="70" formatNumber="1" drawAnchors="1" labelStep="1" showValues="0" SYAxisMaxValue="15000.0" setAdaptiveSYMin="0" showShadow="1" adjustDiv="0" plotGradientColor="8bc53f" showDivLineSecondaryValue="1" xAxisName="Latest data is from 04/03/2015" showSecondaryLimits="1" connectNullData="1" divLineColor="666666" lineThickness="2" SYAxisName="Volume" seriesNameInToolTip="1" labelDisplay="WRAP" yAxisValueDecimals="1" exportEnabled="0" PYAxisName="Score" PYAxisMaxValue="-7.0" setAdaptiveYMin="1" showYAxisValues="1" canvasBorderColor="99978A" PYAxisMinValue="-12.0" formatNumberScale="0" decimals="1" showPlotBorder="0"> <categories> <category label="01/03/2015"/> <category label="02/03/2015"/> <category label="03/03/2015"/> <category label="04/03/2015"/> </categories> <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Some Line" color="8bc53f"> <set value="-9.4" toolText="Some Line, 01/03/2015, -9.4 [N=2921.8]"/> <set value="-9.2" toolText="Some Line, 02/03/2015, -9.2 [N=2913.7]"/> <set value="-9.0" toolText="Some Line, 03/03/2015, -9.0 [N=2905.7]"/> <set value="-9.3" toolText="Some Line, 04/03/2015, -9.3 [N=2901.1]"/> </dataset> <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Upper Confidence Bounds" color="e0e0e0" lineThickness="1"> <set value="-7.2" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 01/03/2015, -7.2"/> <set value="-7.0" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 02/03/2015, -7.0"/> <set value="-6.8" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 03/03/2015, -6.8"/> <set value="-7.1" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 04/03/2015, -7.1"/> </dataset> <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Lower Confidence Bounds" color="e0e0e0" lineThickness="1"> <set value="-11.6" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 01/03/2015, -11.6"/> <set value="-11.4" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 02/03/2015, -11.4"/> <set value="-11.3" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 03/03/2015, -11.3"/> <set value="-11.5" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 04/03/2015, -11.5"/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname="Volume" color="8bc53f" renderAs="COLUMN" parentYAxis="S"> <set value="2921.8" toolText="Volume, 01/03/2015, 2921.8"/> <set value="2913.7" toolText="Volume, 02/03/2015, 2913.7"/> <set value="2905.7" toolText="Volume, 03/03/2015, 2905.7"/> <set value="2901.1" toolText="Volume, 04/03/2015, 2901.1"/> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style type="font" name="CaptionFont" size="12"/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="caption" styles="CaptionFont"/> </application> </styles> </chart>
  9. tooltip not working in google chrome

    fusion chart 3.8.0 fixes the issue. We are currently upgrading to it. many thanks, didier