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  1. Hi Before I log a bug report, is anyone else having the issue in the Topic Title?
  2. StackedBar3D using V 3.12.1 StackedBar3D using V 3.13.1 Since moving from V 3.12.1 to 3.13.1 the # of horizontal bars displayed drops from 11 to 1 in this case. In another case it drops from 4 to 1. So V 3.13.1 in each case only displays the top-most bar. I can't see anything in the change logs which directly addresses this issue.
  3. HTML version of StackedColumn3DLine PDF version of StackedColumn3DLine The exact loss of 3D and other parts of the columns varies depending on the data (in our case that means depending on the business whose data I display). Reverting to V 3.12.1 instantly fixed this issue.
  4. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi Prerana Since the company I work for, Lockharts, has a licence for FusionCharts XT, could you please supply a version the patch which does not label each chart with 'FusionCharts XT Trial'. TIA.
  5. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi Prerana Yes, I can confirm that slanted x-axis labels work under Chrome and FF with the patches to your 2 *.js (V 3.11.0) files. Column drawing is noticeably jumpier than with V 3.11.3 but we'll put up with that on the assumption that the patches will soon flow thru to another update. Many thanx!
  6. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    BTW I just tried canvasPadding = 100 but it made no difference.
  7. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    OK. I've found that FF issues a 'Not well formed' msg because of nulls used with a JSON structure, but Chrome does not. I've created a new gist - which does not have these msgs. It displays slanted x-axis labels under Chrome but FF fails to display them. HTH.
  8. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi Prerana I plugged my data into the code you provided in that JSFiddle, and the x-axis labels appear (!) so I'm confused right now. Also, could you please show me precisely where in my gist you think the data format is wrong. I should add the values in the gist are displayed by this line embedded in JS: <?php echo "<script>render_chart('chart_div_2', '$chart_type', $json_chart_config_2, $json_categories_2, $json_dataset_2, $width, $height);</script>\n" ?> I do apologise for not spelling that out earlier. My fault. Would it be better if I switched to the FC PHP wrapper? I can't see how I would gain anything from that. Lastly, do you have any idea why the code works under V 3.8.0?
  9. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi Prerana Thanx. I'll study that sample......
  10. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi Prerana I've put all the JSON data (config, categories, dataset) into another gist:
  11. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi Prerana Thanx for the reply. Unfortunately, I'm already using canvasPadding! I've generated a gist of 2 PHP functions - The 2nd calls the 1st for basic configs, and then overwrites some of them depending on which type of chart I'm using. Here is a 'MSLine'. Is there anything you can see in the gist which I should change? I do admit not yet patching anything since I switched from FC V 3.8.0.
  12. This used to work in V 3.8.0. It fails in V 3.9.0 and 3.10.0 and 3.10.1. In the attached file I've chopped off the <script> and </scripts> tags to keep your uploader happy :-). This is the data structure, dumped by PHP: 281 2016-03-17 04:44:24 Debug: dataset_17: 282 Array 283 ( 284 [0] => Array 285 ( 286 => #1e90ff 287 [data] => Array 288 ( 289 [0] => Array 290 ( 291 [toolText] => Sales Revenue decreased %1 or $767,785 292 [value] => -767785 293 ) 294 295 ) 296 297 [renderAs] => Column 298 [seriesName] => Sales Revenue 299 ) 300 301 [1] => Array 302 ( 303 => #1e90ff 304 [data] => Array 305 ( 306 [1] => Array 307 ( 308 [toolText] => Gross Profit decreased %3 or $2,796,787 309 [value] => -2796787 310 ) 311 312 ) 313 314 [renderAs] => Column 315 [seriesName] => Gross Profit 316 ) 317 318 ) You can see the 1st bit of data (Sales Revenue decreased %1 or $767,785) is in [0][data][0] and the 2nd (Gross Profit decreased %3 or $2,796,787) is in [1][data][1]. This is /deliberate/. And this is rendered by recent versions of FusionCharts below. Observe that the 1st render of "data" is [{...}] but the 2nd is {"1": {...} }. <script> render_chart ( 'chart_div_17', 'StackedBar3D', { "adjustDiv":"0","animationDuration":"0","baseFont":"didact gothic","baseFontColor":"#7f7f7f", ... }, [ { "category": [ {"label":"Sales Revenue"}, {"label":"Gross Profit"} ] } ], [ { "color":"#1e90ff", "data": [ { "toolText":"Sales Revenue decreased or $767,785", "value":"-767785" } ], "renderAs":"Column", "seriesName":"Sales Revenue" }, { "color":"#1e90ff", "data": { "1": { "toolText":"Gross Profit decreased or $2,796,787", "value":"-2796787" } }, "renderAs":"Column", "seriesName":"Gross Profit" } ], 1000, 600 ); </script> rendered.script.txt
  13. V 3.10.1 StackedBar3D has defective dataset structure

    I know that. I'm saying your code which parses the data structure has changed, and introduced a bug, so data which you used to parse successfully no longer parses. So, did your code change? And if so, was the change intentional? And can your old 3.8 code parse my data? And can your most recent code parse my data? TIA.
  14. V 3.10.1 StackedBar3D has defective dataset structure

    Hi Thanx for the reply. We have never used the PHP wrapper. Are you saying it's mandatory? And re the link (which I have not seen before), I don't believe we need it since the code was running for about 15 months before the upgrades I attempted.
  15. MSCombi3D and adjustDiv

    My company is using FusionCharts XT V 3.8.0. My code displays 17 charts using various chart types. The PHP code determines the y-axis (min, max) pair in all cases, with cases involving both one and two y-axes. But, adjustDiv => '0' only works for 16 of them. It does not work for MSCombi3D. Is this a bug in FusionCharts?
  16. MSCombi3D and adjustDiv

    Hmmm. You fiddle works. I'm confused. I shall keep investigating. Thanx!
  17. My company is using FusionCharts XT V 3.8.0. When using StackedBar3D, I wish to show the zeroPlane but suppress the (vertical) x-axis. The (PHP) chart option showXAxisLine => '0' has no effect. This happens with both charts using StackedBar3D. Is this a bug in FusionCharts?
  18. showXAxisLine => '0' (PHP) does not suppress x-axis

    Oh, I assumed it showXAxisLine was supported. This is not-a-bug. Thanx!