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  1. real time update of gauge

    Hello, I'm trying to configure real time gauge for a web site. My gauge : var chart10456 = new FusionCharts("AngularGauge", "_chart10456", "500", "200"); var datas = myxml; chart10456.setXMLUrl('GetGaugeDataStream?ID_NUMGENREN=10456');chart10456.render("chartContainer_chart10456"); My datas : <chart type="angular" style="1" manageresize="0" lowerlimit="0" palette="3" valuebelowpivot="1" majortmheight="25" tickvaluedistance="10" showvalue="1" gaugeinnerradius="70%" pivotfillcolor="333333" pivotradius="6" pivotfillmix="333333, FFFFFF" pivotfilltype="radial" pivotfillratio="0,100" showtickvalues="1" showborder="0" origw="400" origh="220" chartbottommargin="10" name="chart10456" id="chart10456" dataStreamURL="GetGaugeDataStreamRT?ID_NUMGENREN=10456" clickURL="DataViewVision?ID1=10284&ORDER=1&PDS=SourceGen" refreshInterval="10" showRTMenuItem="1" upperlimit="100"> <dials> <dial value="7" rearextension="0" radius="90%" bgcolor="CCCCCC" bordercolor="999999" basewidth="6" alpha="50"/> </dials> <trendpoints> <point usemarker="0" thickness="1" color="FF0000" startvalue="100" innerradius="75" valueinside="1"/> </trendpoints> <colorrange> <color minvalue="0" maxvalue="50" code="#6baa01"/> <color minvalue="50" maxvalue="100" code="#f8bd19"/> </colorrange> </chart> When my value is lower than the trendpoint, my upperlimit equals the trendpoint example : value = 7, trendpoint = 100, upperlimit = 100 see CAPTURE.PNG After update, my value equal 148. The gauge is updated but the dial is not moving. see CAPTURE1.PNG Can you explain me why ? when the value is lower than the upper limit, the dial work well and move.