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  1. We are currently use fusionWidgets in our pages, just want to know when fusionwidgets will support to display on iPad nad iPhone? Any date on this, it is urgent to us. Thanks! Sincerely
  2. We are currently use fusionWidgets in our pages, just want to know when fusionwidgets will support to display on iPad nad iPhone? Any date on this, it is urgent to us. Thanks! Sincerely Shuchun
  3. Ipad Support For Fusionwidgets

    Is this fall in Oct, Nov, Dec timeframe?
  4. Hey, We have been using fusion charts for a long time, recently I got a new request on the bullet chart. Basically, if the target value is larger than the upperlimit, the fusion chart will auto adjust the upperlimit to display the target. Is there a way to let the upper limit stay the same value and the target is on the upper limit not beyond the upperlimit. Also when the user hovers on the target it displays the target value (same case applies when the target is less than the lower limit). Thanks!
  5. I am using HBullet widget, Here is my xml: <chart bgAlpha="0" plotFillColor="#CFCECE" targetColor="#313131" numberSuffix="" showShadow="1" useRoundEdges="1" majorTMNumber="5" plotAsDot="0" showTickValues="1" formatNumberScale="1" lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="0.95" targetFillPercent="100" targetThickness="5" chartTopMargin="15" chartLeftMargin="20" chartRightMargin="20" roundRadius="5" colorRangeFillRatio="20,50,20,10" showBorder="0" bgColor="#FFFFFF"> <colorRange> <color code="#A73C22" minValue="0" maxValue="0.25" /> <color code="#CA7128" minValue="0.25" maxValue="0.35" /> <color code="#CF9F2B" minValue="0.35" maxValue="0.6" /> <color code="#96B53C" minValue="0.6" maxValue="0.95" /> </colorRange> <value>0.44</value> <target>0.44</target> <styles> <definition> <style name="tickMarkFont" type="font" bold="1" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="TICKVALUES" styles="tickMarkFont" /> </application> <application> <apply toObject="LIMITVALUES" styles="tickMarkFont" /> </application> </styles> </chart> I am not sure why the tick markers doesn't get displayed. The screenshot is attached to this post - Thanks!
  6. I find out, I add adjustTM='0' and it works. I think Fushion team should make a note of that, to let the user know. Thanks!
  7. It is urgent, can some one take a look, it seems like if I change upperLimit and maxValue in <color code="#96B53C" minValue="0.6" maxValue="0.95" /> more than 2, it will work. And it only failes when the decimal digits is more than 1. Thanks!
  8. Hi Guys; I am rendering a fusion chart using the setDataXML method and when I try to reset the data using setDataXML method, it says chart doesn't have this function. I am rendering the chart using: var myChart = new FusionCharts('/Column3DChart.swf', 'myChartId','713', '300', '0', '1'); myChart.setDataXML("sample data here"); myChart.setTransparent(true); myChart.render('chartdiv'); After the chart is loaded, I have a javascript function to change the chart data, myChart.setDataXML(xmlData); myChart is a global object. hopefully this should updated the chart automatically, but I always get error - myChart doesn't have this function Then I modify the fusionchart.js source code in setDataXML function, setDataXML: function(strDataXML){ //If being set initially if (this.initialDataSet==false){ //This method sets the data XML for the chart INITIALLY. this.addVariable('dataXML',this.encodeDataXML(strDataXML)); //Update flag this.initialDataSet = true; }else{ //Else, we update the chart data using External Interface //Get reference to chart object var chartObj = infosoftglobal.FusionChartsUtil.getChartObject(this.getAttribute('id')); alert(chartObj.setDataXML); if (!chartObj.setDataXML) { __flash__addCallback(chartObj, "setDataXML"); } alert(chartObj.setDataXML); chartObj.setDataXML(strDataXML); } } However it is still not working, my flash file is hosted on a webserver, and there is no way to change the security settings on that server. Do you have any suggestions or insight? Thanks! Sincerely Richard