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  1. Hi Ayan, Thanks for the confirmation. Is there any related backlog item for future enhancements? Regards, Mayank
  2. Hi, I was looking for some way to get the chart svg or even a png/jpg without actually rendering it on the browser. I am having an html string containing javascript to create a fusion chart, I want to get the svg or image corresponding to the javascript I am having. I searched for some resources and found Somehow this doesn't perfectly fits in our requirement as our design is a bit different to handle all these. Is there any other way or API suggested by FusionCharts to achieve what I am trying to achieve. Regards, Mayank
  3. Could someone please help on this? Regards, Mayank
  4. To add more, we are using XML and already tried adding containerBackgroundOpacity='0' to the chart element, but no success. Regards, Myaank
  5. Hi Team, How can I change or remove the background color of the svg element for fusion gauges. Regards, Mayank
  6. Thanks Ayan. Any expected date for the fix? Regards, Mayank
  7. Hi, Can someone help me on this? Regards, Mayank
  8. Hi Team, Is there any restriction on the lowerLimitDisplay and upperLimitDisplay label values? I just observed that passing either of max, MIN or MAX is rendering as m.., M.. and M.. Please confirm this behavior and what is the restricted set of values. Regards, Mayank
  9. Changes to chart type "ssgrid"

    Thanks Ayan. Regards, Mayank
  10. Changes to chart type "ssgrid"

    Hi Ayan, Thanks for your reply. My concern is about the caption for SSGrid chart. Did fusion start honoring this property post v4.3? I was not getting caption on my grid charts but now I am getting it. The xml used is same in both the cases. Regards, Mayank
  11. Changes to chart type "ssgrid"

    Could someone please help me on this? Regards, Mayank
  12. Hi, We recently upgraded to FusionCharts v3.11.3 from v3.4. For chart type "ssgrid", I was now seeing the caption property is honored on the chart, but previously it was not showing me the caption. I guess this is an improvement from Fusion end. Could someone please confirm this and also the version in which it was improved? Regards, Mayank