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  1. I posted something similar to this a while back...and my issue was that I did not reference the file correctly when calling the RenderChartHTML Thats is not the case this time unfortunately. The chart doesn't display and when I looked through the IIS log files I have this: 2010-05-24 13:13:02 GET /FusionCharts/StackedColumn2D.swf - 80 (...) 404 0 2 4 I know the 404 part is an error...but what do I need to change on IIS to get it to work? Thanks in advance
  2. Chart and AJAX

    Hello...I know its been a little while on this, I got sidetracked on something else. Here is how I render the chart: litChart.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "", xml.ToString(), "Sales", "800", "300", False) I'm sorry to seem a little daft...but I cannot figure out how to set the z-index or settransparent(true) in my code. 'litChart' is a literal control. Thanks for your help.
  3. Chart and AJAX

    Thank you. I checked the post and downloaded the file that was posted there and added it to my page. I am still unsure of how to set the z-order that renders the chart, since I set the text of the literal control to the chart. Also, I am not sure how to do this: if you are using: "FusionCharts.js" library just call: chart.setTransparent(true); after chart.setDataXML(yourXml); in the code behind. Thanks for your help.
  4. Chart and AJAX

    Thank you. I am using a literal control and I was setting the text with renderchart instead of rendercharthtml. I am still unsure of the difference between the two. But...the chart now shows up over the top of my progresspanel. I have all of the page contents inside of a div and basically 'gray out' those contents when the progress is running. Is there a way to render the chart div inside of that parent div?
  5. Chart and AJAX

    Hi again! when I add an update panel to the chart doesn't display any more. I just get the text: 'Chart.' when the chart is rendered inside the panel and nothing at all when I place it outside of the panel. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. It turned out to be the way I was referencing the paths to the files. I was using "/../fusioncharts/filename" or "../fusioncharts/filename". I ended up doing this: "fusioncharts/filename" and it took care of my problem. Thanks
  7. Hi all! I have been working with a chart in VS 2008...and when I debug and run on my computer everything is fine. I published the site on Server 2008 running IIS 7 as the web server and everything else but the chart renders on the page. I checked the HTML source and the XML for the chart is there...its just not showing. Any help would be appreciated!