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  1. Hi, My DB is in postgresql. The create script is attached. ID is incremental the others have large values in them. Analyst name is varchar and timestamp is set everytime a row is added. I am struggling to find various ways of representing the data over time. Thanks for your help. create.sql
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply and sample code. I have implemented the JSP code and changed some areas to suit my DB and chart. I have hit an error on fusioncharts.js constructor.drawLabel as shown below Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at constructor.drawLabel (fusioncharts.js:1508) at Q (fusioncharts.js:329) I have only changed the areas shown in source below. // Form the SQL query that returns the top 10 most populous countries String sql="SELECT * from analystdata FETCH FIRST 50 ROWS ONLY"; ArrayList categories = new ArrayList(); categories.add(buildCategories("analystname", result,gson)); //prepare dataset ArrayList dataset = new ArrayList(); dataset.add(buildDataset("Beta Wave","highbeta", result, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Alpha Wave", "highalpha", result, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Theta Wave", "theta", result, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Gamma Wave", "highgamma", result, gson)); This is the extent of the changes I made. Have you had an experience with this issue? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, New to the forum. Loving Fusion charts. I am having some issues creating a stacked bar chart. I can create a normal bar chart and also the drill down version. Each row of my DB table has several columns. It is these columns I would like stacked. I cannot find any examples An example is: analyst attention delta theta lowAlpha highAlpha lowBeta highBeta lowGamma highGamma time Analyst 72 246836 119537 797902 677390 861178 944870 937669 636754 1.49E+12 Analyst 54 706781 641939 286041 605622 392724 433530 97563 253251 1.49E+12 Analyst 63 607845 131630 43136 709612 999633 110155 427353 918349 1.49E+12 Analyst 85 763426 249246 450154 726588 989483 740372 387877 440868 1.49E+12 Any help is appreciated. Thanks