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  1. B.register is not a function.

    Runkit -
  2. B.register is not a function.

    Maybe my english isn't very good? My OP stated the exact steps and included a link. My Second reply added clarification as requested. My third reply stated clearly that I have explained best I could. Lets try more ways. I can also provide pictures or cartoon drawings if needed. (Marker or Crayon, your choice ) Link to the steps - Steps copied and pasted from the link above incase your mouse is broken: Installing the fusioncharts Package Step 1: Install the FusionCharts package. npm install fusioncharts Step 2: Load FusionCharts using require. var FusionCharts = require("fusioncharts"); Step 3: Load the charts module using require. require("fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts")(FusionCharts); Step 4: Create the FusionCharts instance required to render the chart. var chart = new FusionCharts ({ "type": "column2d", "width": "500", "height": "300", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { chart:{}, data: [{value: 500}, {value: 600}, {value: 700}] } }).render("chartContainer");
  3. B.register is not a function.

    My problem was explained clear and concise to start with. Please re-read it so I can assist you further. Side Note: I will instead move away from fusion. Nice charts, terrible support. Problem was explained clearly, I stated exactly where the error was occurring, and the exact steps I followed from FusionCharts own tutorial on rendering charts using npm, including a link to the steps. Im not building a sample project for you to have a week long confused conversation about why your product isnt functioning as intended and hear you say its working on your end. Every other library is functioning properly. Have a good day.
  4. B.register is not a function.

    This error was without using a plugin, after trying the jquery plugin im receiving Function.register isnt a function. other libraries are rendering just fine, fusion however, refuses.
  5. Im getting an error of TypeError: B.register is not a function at /Test/node_modules/fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts.js:6:125 I am using fusioncharts installed via npm and have reverted to your guide on rendering charts via npm. Following step by step the error comes when trying to include require("fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts")(FusionCharts); Performing a search in the fusioncharts.charts.js file shows me there is a B.register function inside. Is the guide wrong and missing a step, or is this a bug. I can display the chart using HTML fine, the js implementation is having hiccups