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  1. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Thanks for writing. I disabled the part of the animations that gave error in the file fusionchart.js.
  2. Can contact you in private mode? URL y login is not public. Thanks!
  3. I have similiar issue with Angular JS, the first load the chart is blank, when the page is reload work normally.
  4. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Any solution for this? Same issue here
  5. Multiple error on console

    Thanks, already make this app looking the fiddles, the error maybe is un the sintax or some library?
  6. Multiple error on console

    With funnel, this error occurs: fusioncharts.widgets.js:108 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'connector' of undefined at constructor.hide (fusioncharts.widgets.js:108) at constructor.draw (fusioncharts.widgets.js:157) at a._drawDataset (fusioncharts.js:1082) at a._updateVisuals (fusioncharts.widgets.js:410) at a.draw (fusioncharts.js:1041) at a.redraw (fusioncharts.js:996) at HTMLSpanElement.resize (fusioncharts.js:913) at fusioncharts.js:1933 hide @ fusioncharts.widgets.js:108 draw @ fusioncharts.widgets.js:157 _drawDataset @ fusioncharts.js:1082 _updateVisuals @ fusioncharts.widgets.js:410 draw @ fusioncharts.js:1041 redraw @ fusioncharts.js:996 resize @ fusioncharts.js:913 (anonymous) @ fusioncharts.js:1933 setTimeout (async) resize @ fusioncharts.js:1932 resize @ fusioncharts.js:73 l.width @ fusioncharts.js:83 triggerEvent @ fusioncharts.js:45 b.raiseEvent @ fusioncharts.js:45 resizeTo @ fusioncharts.js:82 observer @ angular-fusioncharts.min.js:3 (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:85 r @ angular.min.js:7 $set @ angular.min.js:85 (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:79 (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:106 (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:140 $digest @ angular.min.js:142 $apply @ angular.min.js:145 l @ angular.min.js:97 K @ angular.min.js:101 y.onload @ angular.min.js:102 load (async) (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:102 n @ angular.min.js:98 g @ angular.min.js:95 (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:130 $eval @ angular.min.js:145 $digest @ angular.min.js:142 $apply @ angular.min.js:145 (anonymous) @ angular.min.js:274 dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3 r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3 e._wrapped @ rollbar.min.js:1 fusioncharts.js:475 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'el' of undefined at r.Wa.resume (fusioncharts.js:475) at Object.job (fusioncharts.js:1040) at q (fusioncharts.js:39) Once I refresh the page, the chart render normally funnel.txt
  7. Multiple error on console

    Attach one chart, producing the folowing error: Thanks! multiaxisline.txt
  8. Multiple error on console

    Hi, im using version 3.12.2 (HTML5), when my site load some charts, various errors appears in the browser console: See the picture attached. Why ó what is causing that? All errors occurs in the file fusionchart.js Thanks in advance.
  9. Html in XLS export

    Hello, exporting to XLS works well, but the captions show html codes (<br/>), see the imagen attached. There is some way to fix it? Thanks!