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  1. mscolumn2d -

    Thanks, that was it! Also want to confirm that the mscolumn2d doesn't have a version with scrolling x-axis. I couldn't find anything in your documentation.
  2. mscolumn2d -

    I changed the included resources url from http to https and now I see the error "chart type not supported"
  3. mscolumn2d -

    I am trying to create a multi-series column chart in our application. The error I am getting is - "Cannot read property 'category' of undefined" I tried to recreate the issue in jsfiddle ( before creating a topic here, but I get a different error there - "FusionCharts is not defined". I am comparing mine with your jsfiddle here -, but can't see what is wrong. I have included the required references. Could you please take a look at the jsfiddle error?