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  1. I'm trying to color countries based on arrray of items, but the only solution i've seen is only color countries with ONE VALUE. I want to color countries if has for example 3 items, that could be numbers, or names (string). So far i can not implement this, i don't know if this is possible. Example: India has 2 values, (Name1, Name2) and i want to color that country because has at least 1 item. All of this is in ASP.NET C# My code below: var chart1 = "{" + "'chart':{" + "'showlegend':'0'," + "'caption':'Clientes por ejecutivo en el mundo'," + "'nullentityfillcolor':'#43ccfe'," + "'showmarkerlabels':'0'," + "'showentityhovereffect':'1'," + "'theme':'fusion'" + "}," + "'colorrange': {" + " 'minItems': '1'," + "'code': '#004d80'"+ "}," + "'data':[" + "{" + "'id':'05'," + "'value': ['1','2','3']" + "}," + "{" + "'id':'101'," + "'value': [3]" + "}," + "{" + "'id':'16'," + "}," + "{" + "'id':'27'," + "'value': '8'" + "}," + "]" + "}"; I hope you can help me
  2. I want to render a Map using Fusioncharts when click on some plot in other Chart, so far i can not achieve this, how could i do that? I have the following code: In code behind C# Function that i want to display when click on other chart: [System.Web.Services.WebMethod()] [System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptMethod()] public static void GraficaMundial(int id) { //some code here Chart sales = new Chart(); // Setting chart id //sales.SetChartParameter(Chart.ChartParameter.chartId, "myChart3"); // Setting chart type to world chart sales.SetChartParameter(Chart.ChartParameter.chartType, "worldwithcountries"); // Setting chart width to 600px sales.SetChartParameter(Chart.ChartParameter.chartWidth, "100%"); // Setting chart height to 350px sales.SetChartParameter(Chart.ChartParameter.chartHeight, "550"); sales.SetChartParameter(Chart.ChartParameter.dataFormat, "json"); sales.SetChartParameter(Chart.ChartParameter.dataSource, jsonData.ToString()); var LtGraficoPaises = new Literal(); LtGraficoPaises.Text = sales.Render(); } Code of the Chart that I would like the map to display private void GraficaEjecutivo() { //some code here StaticSource source = new StaticSource(chart); FusionCharts.DataEngine.DataModel model = new DataModel(); model.DataSources.Add(source); var bar = new Charts.BarChart("scroll_chart_db"); //bar.Scrollable = true; bar.ThemeName = FusionChartsTheme.ThemeName.FUSION; bar.Data.Source = model; bar.Caption.Text = "RFQ Totales por Ejecutivo"; bar.SubCaption.Text = "2016-2017"; bar.XAxis.Text = "Ejecutivos"; bar.YAxis.Text = "Clientes"; bar.Width.Percentage(100); bar.Height.Pixel(400); var funcion = @"function(eventObj, dataObj){ document.getElementById('GraficoPaises').innerHTML = PageMethods.GraficaMundial(1); }"; bar.Events.AttachGenericEvents(FusionChartsEvents.GenericEvents.DATAPLOTCLICK, funcion.ToString()); LtGraficoPorEjecutivo.Text = bar.Render(); } In .aspx Literal that render the Map <div class="col-sm-12 text-center" id="GraficoPaises"> <asp:Literal ID="LtGraficoPaises" runat="server"> </asp:Literal> </div> I did tests, and when i click on the bar of my chart (GraficaEjecutivo method) the event is working propertly, but im not be able to display or render my map. What im doing wrong? I hope you can help me.
  3. I have three charts, and one mapwithcountries. The thing i would like to do is when click on some plot(column or bar) in one of my three charts i want to "redo" the others charts(column, bar, donut, map) with the specific data about that clicked plot. So how could i achieve this? I know there is events for those charts, but i dont know how to render again (or update) those charts with specific clicked plot. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance
  4. Im trying to do this in c# but when i want to use configureLink i have the following error: Uncaught TypeError: GraficaEjecutivos.configureLink is not a function where GraficaEjecutivos is my id for my chart MyFirstChart = new Chart("bar2d", "GraficaEjecutivos", "100%", "550", "json", jsonData.ToString()); //Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "funcion", "MyFirstChart", true); var funcion = @"generarMapa = function (e) { console.log(; //let chart = '<%=MyFirstChart%>'; maptype = (; GraficaEjecutivos.configureLink({ renderAt: 'child-chart-container', type: maptype }); }"; MyFirstChart.AddEvent("dataplotClick", funcion.ToString());
  5. Redo charts when click on plot

    Mmm i can not see the result i only see FusionCharts will render here FusionCharts will render here
  6. There is a way of do this in C# code behind?
  7. Hi, i followed this link to change IDs, but the way i'm doing is not working. I have the following example: var chart1 = "{" + "'chart':{" + "'showlegend':'0'," + "'caption':'Ejemplo'," + "'nullentityfillcolor':'#43ccfe'," + "'showmarkerlabels':'0'," + "'showentityhovereffect':'1'," + "'theme':'fusion'" + "}, 'entityDef' : [ {'internalId': '05', 'newId' : '01'}, {'internalId': '80', 'newId' : '16'}]," + "'data':[" + "{" + "'id':'05',"+ "'value': '16'," + "'color' : '#004d80'" + "}" + "]" + "}"; If you see, i want to change the 05 Id to 01 (is just a example) So Canada (id = 05) would be id = 01. So is this possible? Because i don't have results. I want to know if there is a possibility to do something like that, because in a future i want to retrieve my own id from my database to set newId (with number). Hope you can help me to achieve this. Thanks in advance
  8. Color countries based on array of items

    Thanks for the reply. There is a possibility if only display a modal only for those countries with value and not for countries with no values?. Because that events are for the entire map, and i just want only to countries with values. Thanks in advance
  9. Change ID for countries

    Thanks, that's better
  10. Color countries based on array of items

    There is a possibility to do that example in code behind in C#? or how could i combine this js with C#. I'm new doing this and i want some help. I'm trying to do this but is not working: var chart1 = "{" + "'chart':{" + "'showlegend':'0'," + "'caption':'Clientes por ejecutivo en el mundo'," + "'nullentityfillcolor':'#43ccfe'," + "'showmarkerlabels':'0'," + "'showentityhovereffect':'1'," + "'theme':'fusion'" + "}," + "'colorrange': {" + " 'minItems': '1'," + "'code': '#004d80'"+ "}," + "'data':[" + "{" + "'id':'05'," + "'value': ['1','2','3']" + "}," + "{" + "'id':'101'," + "'value': [3]" + "}," + "{" + "'id':'16'," + "}," + "{" + "'id':'27'," + "'value': '8'" + "}," + "]," + "'events':{" + " 'entityClick': function(e,data){alert('Hi');}" + "}" + "}";
  11. Color countries based on array of items

    There is a possibility to do that example in code behind in C#? or how could i combine this js with C#. I'm new doing this and i want some help.
  12. Change ID for countries

    Oops, i forgot to paste the link, that link was the guide, but i can not change id's to another integer id's. As i wrote, my intention is change id 05 (Canada) to id = 16 (just a example). Because i want to use only integer id's and i want to "interchange" the id's because from my database i have countries but are different id's. That's the reason i want to do that, there is a option to do this?
  13. Color countries based on array of items

    Ok i understand, the other posibility is set a value for the number of clients per employees(executive). For example if i want to color Mexico and India, maybe Mexico will have 5 clients, and India 10 clients. The other thing i would want to do is, when click one of these countries i want to display maybe in a tooltext, or modal which clients they have. How could i do this with that example that i provided?. Is it possible? Thanks in advance