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  1. custom shadow

    Moreover, I am using attribute dashed in dataSet level for line chart, and having trouble displaying dahsed line in legend. I am using drawCustomLegend attribute. My question is, how to do add dashed line in legend via dataSet level.
  2. custom shadow

    Hello, Is it possible to set custom shadow for charts? For example I want to have some custom shadow for line chart. I have enabled option - showShadow: 1 and shadow appleared, but I need to customise it.
  3. Hide restore toolbox if allowDrag is selected

    Work-around done the job, thanks!
  4. Vuejs and allowDrag

    Thank you for your quick response
  5. Can not find chart attribute, that could hide whole toolbar-master/ toolbar when allowDrag is used. Attaching image for visual understanding. Is this even possible?
  6. Vuejs and allowDrag

    I managed to use allowDrag as per example "dataset": [{ "seriesname": "Android Devices", "data": [{ "value": "73", "alpha": "100", "allowDrag": "1" }, { "value": "80", "alpha": "100", "allowDrag": "1" }] My question is, how can I disable this dynamically? Is there a way to apply "allowDrag" on whole chart rather than dataSet? My intension is to set allowDrag depending on other states in application.